Parents Are Sharing Hilarious “Before and After Kids” Photos and They Are All Too Real

So many things change when we become parents. Our money disappears, as if stolen by little elves it in the night. Friday night happy hour and staying up past midnight are things of the past. And worst of all, our general appearance takes a major hit. Makeup? Ha. Blowing drying my hair? HA. Wearing expensive clothes that need to be dry-cleaned? HAHAHA. I’m lucky if I throw on some mascara once a week. And my blow-dryer is the wind in my hair as I walk my kids to school. The before-and-after effect of parenthood is pretty drastic — which is something Mike Julianelle of the blog Dad and Buried knows all too well.

Which is why he recently decided to have some fun with it.

Lats week on his Instagram account Got Toddlered, Julianelle shared a before and after image of himself — pre-kids and post-kids. And his followers LOVED it. The photo shows a youthful young man on the left, and a tired AF dad on the right. Both are wearing red. Both have brown hair. And … well, that’s about it for the similarities. Dad Mike is spent. (I hear ya, Dad Mike!)

But the hilarity didn’t just end there. Julianelle offered his followers the opportunity to submit their own before-and-after images — and boy, did the Internet deliver. Now if you scroll through Got Toddlered, you’ll see a stream of equally hilarious comparison shots — the “before” images are of young, bar-hopping, full of life and energy faces. The “after” ones are … well, you can see for yourself.

This photo from @mrsdangerdietz is one of my favorites. I recognize the girl in the top frame — drink in hand, dancing at a bar, holding a clutch purse that probably doesn’t have a plastic dinosaur and 29 bandaids in it … Yeah, I was her once. Now she’s the mom at the bottom. As Got Toddlered says, “I know that face plant well.” Me too, Mama. Me too. There’s no tired like parenting tired.

And this gem from @katiemariebird, sharing her “almost broken nose” is everything. Because what do toddlers love to do most? Smack or kick us in the face. Especially in their sleep. There’s no chapter in Parenting 101 that quite prepares you for parenting injuries, but there should be.

User @being_a_bailey tells it like it is. Before kids = nights out, taking selfies at a bar, blonde hair all done up. After kids = not out. Not even a little. Home, on the couch with a stuffed animal in your face and kids’ pawing at you every second of every minute of every day.

Rebecca of @rebeccajennea has mastered the mom-look. Gone is her blow-dried hair and smokey eye makeup. She’s traded that in for a top-knot and probably hasn’t seen her makeup case in weeks. Add in her obligatory hoodie sweatshirt and she’s completed her mom uniform.

This next one from @mrstooman made me spit my coffee. I love her look of both exhaustion and annoyance. As the photo caption on Got Toddlered says, she’s “All bright-eyed and youthful on the left, and just straight DONE on the right.” DONE. Man, do I know that feeling. (“PICK UP YOUR TOYS AND EAT YOUR CARROTS.”)

User @ericawboss has gone from looking like The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel to probably watching way too many hours of The Little Mermaid at 6 AM. Like Ariel, she’s probably dreaming of living in another world. One where no one vomits on her or asks her to wipe their butt. Dreamy.

Another user, who goes by the handle @tiffanydphie, shares a glamorous “before” selfie, complete with a sexy black dress and statement jewelry. Her “after” pic? She’s trapped on the couch, under a kid. No makeup. No sexy black dress. No jewelry. Glamour has been replaced by t-shirts and pony-tails.

And I can definitely relate to this one from @l_ndafrz. Remember before kids when we felt we needed to dirty a glass? Ha! What’s the point anymore? It takes too much time and we all know who will be washing that glass tomorrow morning. Bottoms up, girlfriends!

This idea is pretty genius, since we can all relate to how much parenting has changed us over the years. Julianelle tells Babble that the submissions are still rolling in. In fact, he has over 100 waiting for him at this very moment.

The dad of two (a 7-year-old and an almost 2-year-old) has already found success in his dad-centric blog, Dad and Buried, but says he created Got Toddlered as a space for others to submit their funny parenting images. And for the record, he’s still accepting both images of getting “toddlered” and well as before and after parenting images — so if you think you’ve got some goodies lying around, by all means, enter them now.

“Part of my thing is being open about the frustrating side of parenting,” Julianelle tells Babble, “so all of us in this same parenting boat can commiserate and hopefully laugh about it … [it] made sense to let parents at large join in, in the name of solidarity!”

I honestly couldn’t agree more. I mean, if we can’t laugh at parenthood, how else will make it through?

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