Grandma Leaves Hysterical Voicemail Apologizing for Eating the Last Donut

Reddit user, CallistoTheCat, has us LOLing after posting audio of her grandmother’s confession to eating her last donut.

The voicemail, which is as heartwarming as it is hilarious, starts off with Grandma saying, “It’s not an emergency, it’s nothing really … except that I got up to get my watermelon and the box was there.”

That’s how it always goes, isn’t it? You get out of bed with the best intentions to have a healthy snack, only to find something much more tempting lying around.

CallistoTheCat explained in the Reddit thread that Grandma is actually diabetic and had a hip replacement about a month ago noting,“She was fairly certain she wouldn’t live through the surgery so her last requested meal was a hot dog and cherry slushie from Sonic.”

We admire Grandma’s taste in treats, but we appreciate her confession and apology much more. Grandma continued on with her sorrowful tale saying:

“I looked to see if there was a donut left, and I saw that strawberry stuff coming out, and I … took that up with my finger. And then I took a corner off. And from there I ate the whole thing. So I would advise you if you want more donuts you better get some today and keep them in your bedroom because I am not to be trusted with sweets.”

Neither are we Grandma, neither are we.

h/t: HuffPost Parents

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