Grandpa Buys Hilariously Ginormous Bear for 5-Month-Old, Makes the Internet Cry with Laughter

Every parent has that unwritten list of dreaded kid gifts in their mind. You know the one  — it grows each time some well-meaning friend or family member bestows a truly heinous-looking or wildly annoying present upon your kid. And because life is cruel and ironic, the amount you can’t stand the thing is in direct proportion to how much your kid winds up loving it.

Loud whistles. Xylophones. Anything that talks. Those GD Shopkins things that somehow wind up under your feet more than Legos. And then of course, stuffed animals of any kind, which have accumulated to such a degree that you are running out of closet space in which to hide them.

But sometimes — sometimes — the gift is so wildly over-the-top and ridiculous, you can’t help but laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

Just ask Sabrina Gonzalez, a mom from San Jose, California, who has the Internet crying with laughter this week over photos of the GINORMOUS teddy bear her father recently gifted her 5-month-old daughter.

I mean it’s huge, people. HUGE.

Image Source: Sabrina Gonzalez
Image Source: Sabrina Gonzalez

I repeat: HUGE.

Image Source: Sabrina Gonzalez
Image Source: Sabrina Gonzalez

“I couldn’t believe it!” Gonzalez told Buzzfeed.

Before it actually landed in her living room,Gonzalez told the outlet that her father, who works at Costco, posted a photo of himself in front of not just one of the bears, but three. They had apparently just arrived in a big shipment to the store, and towered over him.

Image Source: Sabrina Gonzalez
Image Source: Sabrina Gonzalez

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Sabrina’s dad took her seriously when she jokingly commented, “Maddie needs one of those.”

It wasn’t long before she was getting photos of the giant bear, making his way out of the store and home to Maddie, Gonzalez’s 15-month-old daughter.

Image Source: Sabrina Gonzalez
Image Source: Sabrina Gonzalez

‘Cause you know, that’s what every baby needs — not just any stuffed bear, but one so huge it takes up half the living room. One you can only remove from the store by way of a flatbed.

Since first sharing images of the bear on Twitter September 16, Gonzalez’ tweet has been retweeted over 42k times and favorited more than 63k.

Despite taking up an immense amount of real estate in her home, Gonzalez says her daughter Maddie loves the bear — so it doesn’t look like she’ll be tossing it anytime soon. Gonzalez has since shared a video of her daughter smiling and laughing at the big fluffy toy, writing, “This is her reaction every time I bring her up to the bear.”


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