Grandson Secretly Restores Grandpa’s ’57 Chevy and Records the Emotional Unveiling

They say that the bond between a parent and child is about as tight as they come. That is, unless you’re Cam Dedman, a Louisville, Kentucky native whose bond with his grandfather just became legendary. Since 2016, Dedman has secretly been working on a project that has gone from passion to near obsession, costing him both time and money in an effort to show his grandfather just how much he loves him. And last week, he finally did.

In a video that is quickly going viral on Facebook, Dedman and his family can be seen surprising Fred Lamar with a totally renovated (I’m talking mint condition here, people!) 1957 Chevy.

The cool factor in this project is simply staggering; and it’s pretty clear Dedman’s grandpa agrees. At the beginning of the sweet video, Lamar stumbles backward and then nearly falls apart in tears when a blindfold is lifted from his eyes to reveal the big surprise: his car that’s been sitting in a garage for the past 30 years is sitting right in front of him — looking like he bought it just yesterday!

“He about passed out,” Dedman later wrote in a now-viral Facebook post.

“I took the car from my grandpa’s garage where the car had set since 1976,” Dedman tells Babble. “I told him I was just going to get it running again, but then kept it all a secret by telling him the car was in storage at different family members houses.”

For months, Dedman saved up his money — even going so far as to sell his own personal car at one point in order to fund the project — and spent hours on the restorations himself.

Image Source: Cam Dedman
Image Source: Cam Dedman

The project had to be kept secret for obvious reasons, which wasn’t easy since Dedman and his grandfather are best friends.

“It was very, very hard to keep it from him since I did all the work myself in my garage and a friend’s garage to keep it safe,” Dedman shares. “Managed to pull it off just long enough to get the car done. He was completely blown away by the finished product had no idea that I was doing it.”

The two love hot rods, so this project wasn’t just about revamping an old car; it was so much more than that. In his Facebook post, Dedman points out just how much Lamar means to him and his family.

Image Source: Cam Dedman

“He’s owned the car since the ’50s,” he wrote. “He’s my best friend and truly deserves it.”

Speaking with Babble, Dedman adds that Lamar is an incredible grandfather and a truly giving person in so many ways. So surprising him in such a personal way meant everything.

“He was completely blown away by the finished product [and] had no idea that I was doing it,” he says. “He is such a good person and always puts family first so he could never afford a car of this magnitude.”

But it wasn’t just Dedman’s grandfather who was impressed. “My family was blown away,” he shares, “they didn’t expect me to take the car as far as I did.”

Image Source: Cam Dedman
Image Source: Cam Dedman

According to Dedman though, this project is just the beginning.

“The love I have for cars is more like an obsession, or a lifestyle; it is all i think about. This has inspired me to pursue opening my own hot rod shop, which has been a dream of mine since a very young age.”

We think he’s certainly off to a great start.

Image Source: Cam Dedman
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