Son Returns from the Air Force to Surprise His Mom, and She Can Barely Contain Herself

Military homecomings are always super emotional — to experience firsthand, and also to watch. Who among us hasn’t bawled their eyes out over a good viral video of a soldier returning home to his kids and surprising them at school? Or coming home just in the nick of time as his baby is born?

Well this week, the Internet is having a good happy cry over the incredible homecoming of Grant Jackson, who according to Memphis’ WREG, has been overseas for the last two years while stationed in Japan with the Air Force. He recently surprised his mom Gwen Jackson at home in her kitchen, and let me tell you, her reaction was PRICELESS.

Grant’s sister Brittany Pettis shared the emotional reunion on Facebook December 19, where it promptly went viral, for reasons that will be immediately obvious to you as soon you hit play/

“What is all this?” Gwen can be heard wondering aloud in her kitchen, until she turns around and sees her son walking towards her — and immediately starts screaming hysterically in excitement.

But the screaming doesn’t end after she first lays eyes on her son. Oh, no. It continues as she starts jumping up and down. And it intensifies as she literally runs away from him, into another room that has no lights on, in utter disbelief at what’s taking place before her. In fact, she almost can’t even bring herself to look directly at him, until Grant walks up to her calmly and gives her a bit ‘ole bear hug.

Aaaaaand cue all the tears.

The clip only lasts a little over a minute, but it’s packed with such an incredible array of emotions that it might just knock the wind out of you, almost as hard as it does Gwen.

“The best and only Christmas gift I wanted,” Pettis wrote in her Facebook post, which has earned over 46K likes on Facebook to date.

It has also racked up a slew of heartfelt comments in the process, especially from boy moms who totally get what she must be feeling.

“I know that feeling too,” wrote one Facebook user. “Nothing like the love of a mom for her boys.”

“No one would understand, until they are a mother and WHY these moments are such a BIG DEAL,” wrote another.

For military families, who spend months and sometimes years apart while their loved one is in service, often with minimal communication, any bit of contact can mean the world. But that first moment when they return home, after a long stretch of absence, is almost indescribably wonderful. Hence the screaming. And the tears. And the happy dances of joy.

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