We Cannot Get Over the Hilariously Detailed Shopping List This Wife Gave Her Husband

Husbands are the best. They’re the “fun” parent, throw the kids up in the air, let them have too much sugar and stay up late, and will jump at the chance to feed them a hotdog at a baseball game.

But what happens when they are sent to the grocery store? Well, for some wives, that’s a gamble.

Recently, Era Golwalker, a self-prescribed “foodie,” sent her husband Gaurav to the grocery store. And to ensure he purchased everything correctly, she sent him with a list to top all other grocery lists. See for yourself.

Era’s list, complete with bullet points and drawings (as all lists should be, really) has gone viral on Twitter with over 6K likes, as women all over the world nod their heads and laugh. The India-based IT analyst included details such as “no holes or cracks” in tomatoes, “round shape” for onions, and “medium size” for potatoes. But to further clarifv, she’s included a drawing of three circles — small, medium, and large — and an arrow pointing to the medium one. Hilarious.

Some Americans may not recognize all the items she listed, like “bhindi,” which she said should be “hard” but “easily breakable”; “palak,” which should have “good leaves with no holes”; and “mirchi,” which must be “dark green, long, and straight.” But we can definitely identify with the need to draw pictures and list descriptions as we send our spouses off to the store. My husband is actually a phenomenal cook — so he’s great in the meats and produce sections — but when I send him to the toiletries… yikes. I usually screenshot and text a picture of my face wash or my daughter’s favorite conditioner, as I know he’ll stand there overwhelmed by the choices and have no idea where to begin.

Era tells US Weekly that in the past, she and her husband Gaurav used to argue when he’d bring home the wrong items from the grocery store.

“I live to eat and he eats to live!” she says, which means he didn’t really care too much if the onions were round or the potatoes had an eye or two. But Era did. So now he’s prepared with her detailed and illustrated list. She gets exactly what she needs to make their amazing dinners, and he avoids the evil glare caused by bringing home “bhindi” that’s too soft.

Everyone wins!

Sounds like a perfect marriage solution to me. Hopefully Guarav isn’t offended and appreciates the descriptive details that lead to a delicious dinner later on. And honestly, this works both ways. Last time I hit the hardware store, I needed screenshots of the exact part that would fix our broken toilet. Nothing wrong with a little help, right?

Right, say the Golwalkers. (And Era, can I come over for dinner sometime soon? This meal sounds 100 times better than the grilled cheeses I had planned for tonight!)

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