This Program Is Offering 3 Years of Diapers to Families in Need — for Only $40

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For kicks, the other day I decided to create a rough estimate of how much we’ve spent on diapers since the first of my three children was born in 2009. I know what I spend monthly when one or two kids are in diapers and who was in diapers when, so I added it all up for a grand total of around $12,000.

Twelve-thousand dollars. Just on diapers. Think of all the other expenses babies require. Formula is another shocker. With a 22-ounce can coming in at nearly $30 and you’re going through two a week (adds in head/counts on fingers), that’s almost another $3,000 for that first year of your kid’s life.

It’s crazy expensive to have babies. Yes, you can breastfeed to mitigate the cost of formula but, as we all well know, breastfeeding rarely works out as planned. Another thing you can do to reduce expenses? Cloth diapers.

Hold on! Wait. Hear me out. These aren’t the cloth diapers our moms and grandmas used. Cloth diapers have come a long way! Not only that, but there’s an awesome new program for families in need that provides access to cloth diapers from birth to 3 years old for a single rental fee of $40. Let me repeat that. Birth to 3 years old for $40.

Compare that to the hair-graying numbers I tossed at you earlier and how can you say no?

GroVia Gives lends trifolds and covers to families who qualify, with a single rental fee of $40 (including shipping). Are you comprehending what this means? That families in need can diaper a baby for $40 from birth to potty-training!?!

GroVia believes no baby should go without clean, safety-compliant diapers, nor should they have to choose between paying for food and keeping the lights on or diapering their precious baby.

To participate, qualified applicants pay $40 and they’ll receive a GroVia Gives Diaper set that will fit babies 10-35 lbs. Each set includes 16 bamboo/cotton trifolds and four one-size covers. The program sustains itself because applicants aren’t purchasing the diapers, they’re borrowing them until they no longer need them and then returning them to GroVia for another family to use.

I’ve been there. Am still there, frankly. Divorce has been hell on my finances; barely able to pay my rent, buying the barest food essentials, electric shut-off notice on my front door, paycheck not coming for another week — with a baby on my hip, a toddler at my feet, and an elementary school lunch account to worry about.

That soul-crushing, panicky dread of not knowing how you’ll make it to the next paycheck has kept me awake on more than a few nights. Financial trouble can eat you alive, if you let it. One day at a time, I tell myself. One day at a time. Did you pay your rent today? Fantastic. You have maintained a roof over the heads of your children for another month. Don’t worry about that electric bill for a minute, mama. You have some time.

Breathe in, breathe out. Smile at your babies.

When you’re broke, your number one priority is your children. Do they have lunch money? Do I have food to make for dinner? How many diapers do I have left? GroVia Gives takes that last one off your mind. And it’s a big one. HUGE. Twelve-thousand dollars is not a small number. Forty dollars is miniscule. So do yourself a favor and check out GroVia Gives or send this link to a friend in need.

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