Guilty Pleasures, Before and After Kids


Although they’ve changed in form and function since becoming a mother, I’ve found that I still have an arsenal of vices that I turn to when I need help just getting through the day. Granted, I’m no longer staying up all night high on hooch and strange men (not that I ever did that, mom!), but I still find ways to feel a little indulgent every now and then.

Here are all the ways my guilty pleasures and bad behaviors have changed since having kids:

Before kids: Fine wine
After kids: Cheap coffee

Before kids: Sneaking a cigarette
After kids: 10 uninterrupted minutes in the bathroom

Before kids: 5 course meals
After kids: 5-piece McNuggets

Before kids: Girls night out
After kids: Sex and the City marathon

Before kids: Never calling a bad date back
After kids: Ditching a PTA meeting

Before kids: Mind-blowing sex
After kids: Sleeping in a bed with no kids in it

Before kids: Fully loaded two-door sedan
After kids: Tricked out minivan

Before kids: Mani/pedi
After kids: The peace Handy Manny provides

Before kids: Louboutin shopping spree
After kids: Payless BOGO Sale

Before kids: Salon highlights
After kids: Splurging in the $11 home kit

Before kids: Cosmopolitans
After kids: Leftover juice boxes

Before kids: Staying up too late
After kids: Going to bed too early

Before kids: Kissing handsome strangers in the bar
After kids: Stealing kisses from a sleeping baby



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