This Spill-Proof Bowl Is Here to Save Every Parent’s Sanity

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When I was a kid and stayed home sick from school, I got to watch The Jetsons. Their futuristic world made my 7-year-old heart pine for a future filled with flying cars, jet packs, and housekeeping robots.

Let’s be honest. My 30-something heart still pines for these things. Who wouldn’t want a live-in robot to deal with a house that is continuously destroyed by three young children? Because let’s face it, kids make a mess — especially when there’s food involved. Whether it’s your baby discovering gravity by systematically tossing peas over the side of her high chair or your 3-year-old turning those peas into weapons by throwing them at his brother’s head, food spills and children go hand in hand.

Or do they? Parents — check out the Gyro Bowl, straight out of The Jetsons.

It’s a spill-proof snack bowl. Let me repeat. A spill-proof. Snack. Bowl. I can literally do Goldfish angels on the kitchen floor after my children have a snack at my house. Our car looks like the floor of a movie theater. If cereal is for breakfast, I find Cheerios between my toes for days. Days! And that’s even after sweeping every 45 minutes.

Yes, we have tried those snack cups with the plastic lids that snap on top. But they are no match for my children, who can remove that lid in 1.5 seconds and empty the contents of the cup onto the floor even faster.

This spill-proof bowl might just change everything. Or at least the state of my floors. And sanity.

The bowl works by internally rotating so that it stays upright at all times. So if your child (totally hypothetically because this has definitely never happened at our house) decides to pour a bowl of popcorn over his sister’s head, the popcorn stays put.

It was invented by mom Melinda Shepard, with a toddler who sounds suspiciously like my children. According to Huffington Post, her son Aidan liked to wander while he snacked but the snacks spilled out, leaving a trail of food wherever he went. She couldn’t find a bowl that gave him the freedom to move without her having to follow him around everywhere with a dustbuster. So she asked her husband Brad to create something.

The family developed a prototype, and then took it to a casting call for Everyday Edisons, a program on PBS for inventors. They were picked to be on the show, and the spill-proof bowl was born.

While it sounds magical, I do foresee two problems. The bowl looks suspiciously like something that should be thrown like a frisbee. And my children like nothing better than a challenge. I can practically see my 5-year-old putting the spill-proofness of it to the test.

But hey — even if she cracks the secret of the bowl, it’s nothing a robot housekeeper couldn’t fix.

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