Teen Shares Relatable Hairstyle Fail on Twitter — and We Can’t Stop Laughing

Coming from a family of all girls, I know a thing or two about hair struggles.

I can easily recall moments in childhood where my mom would wrangle my hair into a tightly pulled ponytail, sealing her handy work with a helmet of hairspray “to prevent germs,” she’d say. It was embarrassing to show up to school with my hair as hard as a rock, but I persevered. It’s safe to say most little girls have a traumatic mother-daughter hair-related experience, but none quite like Hanna De Castro’s.

The 17-year-old, who only joined Twitter this month, recently shared a hilarious throwback photo of her at dance school with “half up half down” hair from 2007. All the parents of the dancers were asked to give their kiddos “half up, half down” hairstyles, but unfortunately for De Castro, her mother didn’t quite know what that meant. The smiling tiny dancer in the photo ended up with what one might describe as half a pigtail — with one side of her hair held up … and the other swinging freely around her face.

De Castro has a great sense of humor about the whole thing, telling Babble, “I noticed the mistake on the picture weeks ago, but just recently showed my friend the picture who encouraged me to post it on Twitter.” Alongside the funny image, De Castro included a screenshot of a simple Google search that would have shown her mother the style the dance teachers had been looking for.

De Castro’s tweet has gone viral since she posted it on June 11; it currently has over 60K retweets and 214K likes. But the best part are the many comments from users who have had similar experiences. Poor Mama, catching all this heat on the internet! Luckily, Mom didn’t care too much. “At first she was embarrassed, but now she’s just laughing about it,” De Castro reveals.

While the teen may have been publicly teasing her mother for her lack of hair knowledge, it seems other moms around the world were making the same mistake.

One Twitter user reached out saying, “Same, let’s start a club,” while sharing her own “half up half down” hair fail.


And she wasn’t the only one! Many other users chimed sharing their own parent’s hairstyling errors, including De Castro’s cousin who suffered the same unfortunate hairdo.

I can’t get enough of these photos. Thank you for sharing this incredibly relatable story and for giving the internet a hair-raising laugh, Hanna!

h/t: Mummy Pages 

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