Heartwarming Video Gives Us an Inside Look at Kindergartener’s First Day of School

Sending our kids off on the first day of kindergarten can be overwhelming. Will they make friends? Will they miss us? Will they have fun? There’s a million fears running through our minds while we try to be excited for them and put on a brave face. Some kids share those fears, clinging to our legs and begging us not to leave.

And then there’s Adrianna.

Adrianna is a fierce 6-year-old from St. Louis, Missouri who grabbed her backpack, strapped on a GoPro, and tackled her first day of kindergarten like a CHAMP. Riding the bus? No problem. Making new friends? Bring it on. Coloring? Crushed it.

Adrianna’s father, Derek Duncan, is a digital communications specialist at Parkway School District and came up with the idea with his team to document his daughter’s first day. Their goal, he told Babble, was to show what the first day of school looks likes from a kindergartener’s perspective, something parents rarely get to experience:

“There are many back-to-school videos but we thought that putting a GoPro camera on a student would allow us to show an interesting point of view of someone who is just starting out their educational career.”

According to Duncan, he was never worried that Adrianna would be scared or too overwhelmed to share her first day with the world:

“Adrianna is such a brave little girl with so much energy and optimism that we knew she would be excited for her first day of school. We know Parkway has a great reputation of being an outstanding school district that will help bring out the best in her.”

The three-minute video shows everything from saying goodbye to dad and getting on the bus for the first time, to arriving at school and getting a high-five from her principal. While it’s a feel-good, uplifting montage, it’s set to the oh-so-emotional soundtrack of Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up” — which is sure to leave you with all the feels.

The video, which was uploaded to Parkway School District’s Facebook page, has amassed over 200,000 views and garnered tons of press and positive feedback from parents across the country.

Duncan says he and his wife are “overwhelmed” by the amazing response to the video and are so proud of their little girl.

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