This Mom’s Trick for Tracking Her Teen’s Whereabouts Is So Simple, It’s Ridiculous

Tired of those seemingly endless nights worrying that you don’t know where your teen really is?

While most parents might be quick to track their child on an app like Find My Friends, this mom from Ohio came up with a more clever trick to soothe her fears — texting photos upon request.

Heather Steinkopf recently wanted to check if her 18-year-old daughter Kaelyn was at her friend Stevie’s house, as planned. So, she texted her daughter and asked her to send a selfie of herself along with Stevie, doing the thumbs up (as one does).

Image Source: Kaelyn Demmon

Kaelyn sent along the photo as she was told, but it wasn’t enough for this mom of five, who then asked them to retake the photo with the lights on.

Image Source: Kaelyn Demmon

Then — convinced Kaelyn had cropped Stevie into the second photo — she asked them to take a picture with Kaelyn on Stevie’s back, with a thumbs up for good measure.

Image Source: Kaelyn Demmon

Once Heather’s mind was finally put at rest, she texted her daughter, “Alright … you pass. Have a great night.”

Kaelyn tweeted screenshots of the conversation with her mom on July 28.  The post has been retweeted 1K times and has gathered 4.5K likes, with many commenters applauding Heather.

“I think it’s safe to say my mom doesn’t trust me,” Kaelyn captioned the tweet.

Personally, I think she just wants some peace of mind, as all parents do. And as it turns out, Heather has been keeping a close eye on her daughter for a while.

“Mom’s made me do it before, as she figures I can’t fake that many pictures,” Kaelyn tells Babble. “She has done this since my junior year — I was a little more tame when I was younger.”

Yet, despite what you might think, Kaelyn says Heather hasn’t always been this vigilant — only since Kaelyn’s 20-year-old brother Jackson headed off to the Navy.

“We don’t really get to see him or talk to him, and since he left, she has been more protective over all of us,” Kaelyn explains. Understandably so.

Kaelyn also admitted she doesn’t get these requests all the time, so she can still carve out some privacy. “I know she trusts me, but I get that I’m still a teen living under her roof and she needs to keep an eye on me,” she says.

The teen added that she is heading off to the University of Toledo in two weeks to study chemical engineering. When she flies the nest, she is hoping for some independence, saying, “I really hope she doesn’t do this when I leave for college!”

This is certainly one trick that I’ll be trying out when my kids become teenagers. Thanks for the laugh, Mama!

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