How Queen Elsa Has Helped One Little Girl Accept Her Albinism

Image Source: The Walt Disney Studios
Image Source: The Walt Disney Studios

We all know that Queen Elsa is a favorite of kids all over the world, as the Frozen phenomenon is truly a force to be reckoned with. However, to one little girl, the glittering Snow Queen is more than just a caring sister who can whip up an ice castle or a skating rink from the tips of her fingers.

To Emily Urquhart’s daughter, Sadie, Elsa is a positive role model for her albinism. Elsa’s ice-white hair matches the kindergartener’s, who has little to no pigment in her hair, skin, and eyes.

Image Source: Emily Urquhart
Image Source: Emily Urquhart

While looking different can make a child target for negative criticism and bullying, Sadie has received the opposite thanks to our old pal Elsa.

Urquhart recounted her daughter’s first day of school to the BBC,

“Despite her many layers, strands of white hair poke out from beneath her hat and over the neck of her scarf. The little boy standing behind her leans in for a better look and shouts out ‘Hey, you have hair just like Elsa!'”

What little girl doesn’t want to be compared to one of Disney’s greatest characters? Urquhart said that the little boy was just “one of thousands of people who have remarked on her ivory locks,” including the hospital staff upon her delivery.

Urquhart explained that while she usually cringes over certain princess stories (she’s a folklorist by trade), she’s alright with Elsa, “not because she’s a strong female lead without a prince-driven narrative, but because she has white hair like my daughter.”

We all look into the characters portrayed on film and television looking for a connection to ourselves. Sadie gets to see herself through Queen Elsa, which is pretty cool if you think about it. Urquhart noted, “It was as if this ubiquitous Disney character somehow normalized my daughter’s difference.”

While her mom is concerned what will happen when Sadie moves onto to new favorites, for now her daughter “is a Frozen fan so this works and gives people a positive hook to hang their comments on.”

Lucky for Sadie, we don’t think the love of Elsa will be going anywhere anytime soon.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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