“I Just Need Some Space” Parody Nails Why Every Mom Needs Alone Time

I bolted so fast, I was lucky I remembered to put on shoes. I jumped into my car, cranked up the radio and exhaled … I was by MYSELF. I was just taking a quick trip to the mall for new jeans, but I was so excited you’d think I was sneaking away for a crazy night in Vegas or a Channing Tatum movie.

My otherwise perceptive husband didn’t quite understand why I rushed out the door that Saturday afternoon. When I tried to explain it to him later by pointing out that some moms, for their birthdays, get treated to nights alone in a hotel room, he still didn’t get it.

“Hm. That’s surprising,” he said as I rolled my eyes.

… And that, ladies and gentlemen, can be the difference between the parent who leaves for work every day and the parent who stays at home or works at home. We stay-at-home or work-at-home parents with young children love our little offspring to pieces, of course, but we also really, really need time away — time that doesn’t involve anyone trying to wipe their snotty noses on our pants or screaming, “Mommy, look at me!” at the top of their lungs every five minutes.

But enough of my whining. Through her fantastic music video parody of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” Deva of MyLifeSuckers.com explains it better than I ever could. You can bet I’ll be showing “I Just Need Some Space” to my husband this weekend … right before I run away for another quick trip. Maybe I’ll go really wild this time and hit up Target or the bank.

A mom can dream.


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