I Never Thought I’d Become a “Pinterest Mom”

Image Source: Lauren Hartmann
Image Source: Lauren Hartmann

I will be the first to admit that I’m not really a “Pinterest Mom.”  You know the type: the ones who make amazing meals from scratch every night and do fun crafts and activities with their kids and host elaborate birthday parties. Oh wait. I guess I need to retract that statement to say that I wasn’t a Pinterest Mom … until I was. Let me explain …

For the first two years of my daughter’s life, I hosted super simple birthday parties. Her first birthday was a basic brunch with close family only and her second birthday was mac & cheese and ice cream sundaes (I didn’t even bake a cake!). I’m not into making things overly complicated and creating a fuss for a child who probably won’t really appreciate or remember it. But, then came her third birthday.

Since my daughter’s birthday is only a couple of weeks after Christmas, hosting anything elaborate is kind of the last thing I want to do. Being burnt out from the holidays, I crave all things low-key. But, my daughter had recently discovered that “friend birthdays” are a thing and specifically requested one along with a “pink strawberry cake.” OK, I thought. I can do this. I’ll keep it simple and low-key. We’ll invite a few friends and eat pink cake, no biggie. Maybe while we’re at it, we’ll make it ballerina themed, because she really does adore ballet right now and I know she would love it.

The next thing I knew, it was the night before the party and I was drowning in a sea of pink tulle and decorations and feeling overwhelmed by the fact that all 14 (yes 14, so much for inviting “a few”) little ballerinas had RSVP’d “yes.” Once I had a theme in my mind, I sort of ran with it. At one point I was explaining a few details to my husband and he said, “In case you were wondering if you might have gone a bit overboard with this whole party thing … the answer is yes. Definitely yes.” Before I knew it, something small and low-key had turned into something big and “Pinterest-y.” But, even though I was a little overwhelmed, the end result was so wonderful.

Image Source: Lauren Hartmann
Image Source: Lauren Hartmann

My daughter is the type of kid who notices everything. She noted all the little details from the party (like the fact that I had made a matching flower crown for both her and her doll) and that all the food was “matching and pink!” My sister-in-law (a former ballerina) came and taught the girls a bit of ballet and they were all so smitten and had so much fun. They all enjoyed their party favor tutus and ballerina necklaces and everyone raved about the “pink strawberry cake.”

In short, it was perfect.

In the past I sort of pooh-poohed those “crazy Pinterest parties,” but now I get it. I still realize that they are a bit excessive and probably unnecessary since my child would most likely be just as happy with a cupcake, a candle, and a song. BUT she loved the elaborate party, too. It made her feel special and loved and even though I had a few crazy-making moments during the planning of our fête, I really enjoyed putting it all together. I enjoyed seeing my ideas come to life and since I don’t get to do as much styling work since having kids, it was a great creative outlet that I don’t get to exercise very often.

Maybe some of these “Pinterest-y” activities and meals and parties are more for parents and less for kids, but I think that’s OK. We all have our things and if some parents want their thing to be making fancy meals and hosting elaborate parties? Well, more power to them!

I for one, plan to continue my current path of moonlighting as the occasional Pinterest mom, rather than joining in on the regular. I think once-a-year parties will fill my crafty quota just fine.

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