Moms Share the Three Things They’d Want If They Were Stranded on a Deserted Island with Their Kids

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Image Source: Thinkstock

You know how people always like to ask the question: “What three things would you take with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?” We’ve all thought about it. But recently I got to thinking … What would that list look like if kids were involved? I mean, just thinking about being marooned with my three children (who are 4 years old and under) sends me into a bit of panic. But if I absolutely had to be stranded on this imaginary island, what would I actually bring?

Assuming that food and water already exist on this island (because otherwise that would make for some super boring answers), I posed the question to my friends and readers — and they came up with some pretty fantastic answers! (Also, apparently everyone is buying stock in baby wipes.)

“I would bring: wipes (because, duh, kids are the grossest), lollipops — the ultimate silencer of tantrums, and playdough, because nothing keeps my kids entertained for longer periods of time and nothing keeps me entertained longer than picking apart six colors of smashed together playdough pizzas and cupcakes. Oh wait! Can I add wine? Or can there be grape vines on this island?” — Amanda

White wine. Red wine. Sparkling wine. Because: breakfast, lunch and dinner.” — Liz

Band-aids — for entertainment and the inevitable injuries, coffee for obvious reasons, and sand toys, because we’d have to find something fun to do with all that sand.” — Kelli

Baby wipes, a box of craft supplies so we could make and remake things to play with, and a huge cozy blanket because wrapping up and snuggling makes anything better.” — Ashley

iPad, solar iPad charger and chocolate. The chocolate is mostly for me, but also for child bribery purposes.” — Mary

“(1) Baby wipes, because they are the ultimate parenting multi-tool. Baby wipes forever and ever amen. (2) A Nose Frida, because snotty noses happen in tropical locales too and there’s no way I’m using my mouth for that. I love my children, but no. Just no. (3) Daniel Tiger … like the actual character, not just the show. He could entertain my kids with songs about sharing and using the potty.” — Lauren

Tape (will keep my boys entertained for hours!), fruit snacks (if we didn’t have those, we would all be swimming for shore!), and buckets (for reasons too many to list).” — Roxana

Coloring pencils, antibacterial cream (we call it magic cream), and a ball. Simple, but multi-purpose things.” — Bee

Toothbrush/toothpaste, cookies, and my phone so I could call someone to get us the heck off this island. But if the phone is cheating, then Diet Coke, because it totally has water in it.” — Rachel

Sunscreen and sun hats because I’m paranoid. And also chocolate.” — Kira

“A play yard to keep babies/toddlers confined from going into the ocean when necessary, s’mores supplies, because if you’re camping on an island with a fire you might as well make good use of it, and coffee, because, sanity. I considered wine, but I feel like with a bit of ingenuity I could ferment some pineapples into cider or something.” — Emily

Hand sanitizer to get rid of weird island germs, Post-Its with a pen for entertainment, and graham crackers to appease grumpy children.” — Becca

“(1) Toilet paper (because I don’t do leaves), (2) Radio (we love to sing and it would keep us quite entertained!) and (3) Ear plugs (cause when they get tired of the music I’ll need something to tune them out!).” — Israel

A giant pool floaty and a tablet for the kids, and an endless supply of cocktails for me.” — Echo

And the only mom who said she’d bring her husband …

“I would have to bring my husband if he wasn’t already with us, Shopkins blind bags, and butt rash cream!” — Stephanie 

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