9 Creative Ways to Take Inside Play — Outside

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Sometimes, in the space between summer adventures and winter holidays, regular toys start to look a little tired, and the choruses of “I’m bored” multiply. Luckily, there’s a quick fix: take those inside toys outside so your kiddos can find different ways to play with them. A new environment kick-starts creativity and makes playtime that much more fun!

Here are nine inside toys to take out-of-doors whenever the boredom blues strike.

1. Art Supplies

Image Source: Thinkstock
Image Source: Thinkstock

Cart those paints and a bunch of paper outside and let your little Picasso go to work.

Try twigs dipped in paint in place of paintbrushes. The bright colors, the fresh air, the shape of the clouds: painting outdoors is that much more fun. And bonus: cleanup is easy, too.

2. Cars and Trucks

Solid metal cars find new roads to roam in the backyard. Make a four-wheeling course with rocks, twigs, and mud puddles. After the toys are nice and dirty, set up a mini car wash with nothing more than a tub of water and some soap.

3. LEGO® DUPLO® Building Bricks

After kids build fairy houses of twigs and rocks, they can become houses for LEGO® DUPLO® princesses or castles ready for action figure-led battles. Add some LEGO® DUPLO® bricks to create furniture, vehicles, or more rooms — wherever your child’s imagination takes her.

4. Tea Sets

Image Source: Thinkstock
Image Source: Thinkstock

Take teatime outside and set up a garden party for friends of the stuffed animal and doll variety. Include a few pretzels and a little water in the teapot for a delicious real snack, or use acorns and leaves for an imaginary feast.

5. Plastic Animals

Explore the wilderness of the backyard, where inches-high grass becomes a jungle for pint-sized plastic animals. Create a barn with blocks, and let those plastic horses have a chance to gallop through the dirt.

6. Stacking Cups

If your child has outgrown stacking cups and then knocking them down, take the plastic cups outside. Outside, they become everything from temporary homes for rollie pollies to molds for mud castles or baskets that hold new additions to a prized rock collection.

7. Dollhouses

Create a real outdoor world for dolls by bringing the dollhouse outside, where dollies can lounge on the patio just like their human counterparts. Later, the dolls can go on a desert adventure through the sandbox, or go visiting with friendly neighborhood bugs.

8. Blankets and Sheets

Image Source: Thinkstock
Image Source: Thinkstock

When brought outside, blankets and sheets are perfect for building a temporary fort to use as secret spy headquarters or a pirates’ lair. Drape a few sheets over patio furniture and you’ve got an instant tent. Later, use the spot for cozy outside reading time.

9. LEGO® Brick Races

This one is my elementary-aged boys’ favorite. We grab a bunch of wheels, mini figures, and LEGO® bricks, and bring them outside. Then, my kids build racecars out of the supplies and send them down a plastic slide repurposed as a racetrack. The cars bust up at the bottom — but that’s just a chance to build stronger vehicles for round two of the races! The match goes on for hours, as the vehicles get bigger and better.

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