Instagram Has Fallen in Love with This Baby and His Adorable Rescue Pup

Photos of adorable napping babies will never get old. Neither will photos of adorable napping puppies. But photos of adorable babies and adorable puppies napping together? Prepare to fall into an Instagram click-hole for all of eternity.

Such is the reason for the sudden viral fame of one baby-and-dog napping duo that’s currently lighting up Instagram. And no, I’m not talking about Theo and Beau. (Though let’s be honest, that pair will always hold a special place in our hearts.) I’m talking about Nora the rescue pup, and her favorite pal, Baby Archie, who are both delighting all of Instagram with their super sweet photos, taken by their mom Elizabeth Spence.

Spence’s photos — which are all shared under her Instagram handle @wellettas — are touching slices of life that capture small, everyday moments with her three kids. But so far, Nora and Baby Archie have emerged as the biggest stars.

“Someone recently described my photography as ‘a balance of real-life and inspiration bundled up into each snap’, and I feel that describes it perfectly,” Spence tells Babble. “There is definitely some staging involved in some of the shots, but they are not really carefully thought out.”

Usually, Spence explains, she takes mostly spur-of-the-moment photos that she enhances by grabbing a nearby toy or two. And sometimes, even another family pet.

As a stay-at-home mom, Spence finds inspiration for new photos all around her, throughout the day. But the photos of her son napping with Nora seem to present themselves pretty naturally.

“Our family bed is definitely that — a family bed!” she explains. “Any number of kids, cats or dogs can be found sleeping there at any time of day. I generally nurse my son to sleep on my bed at nap time and then move him to his room or let him stay on my bed if he’s looking too comfortable to move. Nora is always there supervising the entire affair and will definitely move in for cuddles if given the opportunity. She is the most passive and loving dog I have ever met and genuinely treats all the kids with absolute love and devotion.”

And while you might look at some of these snapshots and assume the mom behind the camera is a professional photographer with years of experience under her belt … not quite. Spence says she more or less fell into photography after having kids — and only just recently learned how to work a semi-professional camera.

“I am not a photographer by trade, just a stay-at-home mom who got a little camera happy shortly after my first child was born about five years ago,” Spence tells Babble. “I actually started out using only an iPhone, [but moved] to a ‘big girl’ camera a little over a year ago when my husband bought me a Fuji XT1 for Christmas.”

That said, the experience has definitely got her dreaming about taking her photo skills to the next level. “Taking photos professionally as a lifestyle photographer is definitely something I am striving toward as a career path,” she shares. “For now, I am happily posting my family photos to Instagram.”

And Instagram is happily eating them up.

Aside from the photos she takes of Archie napping with Nora, many of her photos feature other adorable scenes from around the house with her two other children, Loretta and Wellington, as well as her many other pets.

To date, Spence has shared nearly 700 snapshots of her growing family on Instagram — each of which earns hundreds and even thousands of likes. But the mom of three admits she finds it hard to pick a favorite among the bunch.

“My favorite shots change daily which is why, perhaps, we have no pictures printed or framed on our walls,” she tells Babble. “We have empty frames up but no prints in them because we just cannot decide what should go in there!  I hope to one day figure this out.”

The good news is, when that day finally comes, she’s got a treasure trove of photos to choose from.

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