These Instagram Story Challenge Templates Will Instantly Up Your IG Game

If you’ve been on Instagram at all recently, you’ve definitely come across the popular Instagram Story challenges that allow you to fill in the blanks — ranging from inserting GIFs to writing text. People everywhere have been sharing these types of Instagram Story challenges onto their own accounts with personalized answers that allow each of their followers to get to know them. And while, yes, reading everyone’s unique answers is fun and all, being able to fill out your own with personalized answers is like being able to finally add icing to the cake!

Although there seem to be an endless amount of challenge templates to choose from all across Instagram, there don’t seem to be any that specifically tie into our parenting lives. After all, how fun would it be to find other people who are dealing with similar #parentingprobs as you? Or even just to see what others living #lifewithkids go through? (We’re all in this together!) Well, guess what? We’ve got you covered in the form of two different Instagram Story challenges below — especially for us parents.

Which GIF is literally you as a parent? Are you #TeamWine or #TeamCoffee? Share how you feel with the world with this GIF challenge template by directly downloading it here.

instagram story challenges
image source: babble

Prefer to express yourself in the form of text as opposed to GIFs? No problem — this “Fill In The Blank” challenge is the perfect activity for you.

So tell us, how often do you fall into the “Target trap”? What are you constantly cleaning out of the carpet, thanks to your kids? Download this template here.

instagram story challenges
image source: babble

Save these challenge templates onto your phone, and then repost them with your personalized thoughts onto your Instagram Story! Follow by posting the blank templates and sharing this link so that your friends and family can give these simple activities a try too.

What are you waiting for?!

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