Mom’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis Inspires the Men in Her Family to Shave Their Heads in Support

Jacqueline Tomczyk clearly married into a family that’s willing to go the extra mile for one another — and that was never more apparent than at a family party back in January, when one by one, all of the men stepped up to have their heads shaved in solidarity. It was all done in loving support of their beloved wife, sister, aunt and mother Corky, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. And for those in attendance, the moment was nothing short of powerful.

Image Source: Jacqueline Tomczyk

Jacqueline, who is married to Corky’s nephew, tells Babble that the party was actually Corky’s brother’s idea. “She was starting treatment that January, so he decided to throw a party and call it ‘Corky’s crew cuts’,” she shares. “We set up their backyard as a mini barber shop with a barber chair. We made pink food. I made sugar cookies that looked like boobs. Most of us were wearing pink.”

Image Source: Jacqueline Tomczyk

But as fun as that sounds, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Corky wasn’t feeling well that day, Jacqueline shares, and really didn’t want to go to her brother’s house for what she thought was just a dinner.

“Luckily she forced herself to go,” Jacqueline recalls. “When she got there they were already in the middle of shaving all the heads. We even had her nephews from other states on FaceTime shaving their heads.”

Image Source: Jacqueline Tomczyk

Naturally, Corky was overwhelmed by all the support and love. “She calls that day a truly amazing day and she was so surprised,” says Jacqueline.

Although the party happened over seven months ago, Jacqueline only just recently shared the photos on the popular Facebook page Love What Matters, where the story has since gone super viral.

Image Source: Jacqueline Tomczyk

“After all the negativity I’ve witnessed both on Facebook and on the news lately, I had to share what an amazing family I was lucky enough to marry into,” she tells Babble. “We came together to surprise and to support an aunt, a mother, a wife and a sister who is battling breast cancer. Luckily she discovered it early on and should make a full recovery. The men in the family shaved their heads and the woman had pink streaks in their hair.”

Boy watches father get his head shaved
Image Source: Jacqueline Tomczyk

Even Jacqueline’s young sons got involved.

“My sons Kellan (4) and Brayden (2) even wanted to get in on it (we pretended with them),” Jacqueline says. “With all the negativity in the world it was great to come together as a family for someone we love to show support and shed some tears, but to mostly laugh.”

Jacqueline goes on to explain that she avoided shaving her sons’ heads simply because it was winter and therefore freezing:

“We sprayed their hair pink and they were excited,” she shares. “My 2-year-old was the first of the kids to jump into the barber seat. It was adorable. They were just as excited to participate.”

The best news of all? Jacqueline reports that Corky is doing great now. “She has finished all her treatment and last week got her port out,” she says.

Image Source: Jacqueline Tomczyk

Thousands of Facebook users have reacted with warmth to the Love What Matters post, sending love and good wishes to family.

“Great men and strong women raising amazing kids,” wrote one user. “God bless your whole family, you will beat this together and that’s awesome! So sweet that you let them participate, their hearts needed to help.”

Another added, “I shaved mine when my best friend went through stage 4 liver cancer. That was after she went through stage 4 breast cancer. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

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