This Incredible Bride Walked Down the Aisle Just 5 Hours After Giving Birth

Jael and John Pulcipher
Image source: John L. Russell | Great Lakes Images

Wedding days are full of surprises — both good and bad. Cake deliveries arrive late, guests don’t show up, and sometimes, the day even gets rained out. But these unexpected moments pale in comparison to what one bride-to-be recently experienced.

While most women are still in hair and makeup prep on the morning of their nuptials, Jael Pulcipher was dressed in a hospital gown. That’s because her daughter Briar was ready to arrive (nearly two months early!), and she apparently didn’t care if it happened to be on Mom and Dad’s big day.

So Jael did what any badass mama would do: On July 29, she gave birth to Briar, and then a mere five hours later (I repeat: FIVE HOURS LATER) she walked down the aisle for an impromptu hospital ceremony. Talk about impressive.

“It’s been a crazy whirlwind, but it’s been so much fun!” the new bride tells Babble.

wedding and birth
Image source: Jael and John Pulcipher

Jael and her new husband John had been planning for a beautiful lakeside wedding in Michigan, scheduled long before Briar’s September 16 due date. But on July 25, Jael’s water broke and she was admitted to the maternity ward at Munson Medical Center. Upon learning that they couldn’t receive a day pass for Jael to attend their wedding, the two scrambled to move everything to the lawn outside the hospital. But their plans were foiled — again! — when Jael quickly went into labor on the morning of July 29.

Determined to get married, the couple decided to exchange vows in the hospital’s basement conference room, surrounded by their family and friends.

“We’re pretty easygoing and I think this wedding represented how well we work together and how well we can get things done,” shares John.

It sure does!

wedding and birth
Image source: Jael and John Pulcipher

After spending time with their new baby, John delayed the arriving guests by guiding them to a local brewery while Jael rested up. Their families helped them prep for the reception, which they decided to do first so the brand new mama could recoup.

“I was out there orchestrating things, and my family and her family were just helping in every way possible,” says John. “We couldn’t do this without them … I have to give them most of the credit.”

As the guests gathered in the conference room for dinner, Briar even made an adorable cameo appearance, when her proud dad showed her off and shared her name for the very first time.

“I was able to introduce her to everybody,” John tells Babble. “It was just amazing that everyone got to be there for that.”

Jael and John Pulcipher
Image source: John L. Russell | Great Lakes Images

Meanwhile, Jael swapped out her wedding gown for a cute red dress her sisters picked up for her at a thrift store, and down she went to join her new family.

“My favorite moment was to get to hold Briar together in front of all of our guests,” she tells Babble. “It was a teary-eyed moment for all of us.”

And the story just gets cuter, you guys. After a sweet ceremony, Jael was wheeled back upstairs with a “Just Married” sign hanging from her chair!

wedding and birth
Image source: Jael and John Pulcipher

For the couple, this experience has only further proven just how strong they are as a team. When asked what their favorite qualities are about each other, Jael gushes about how supportive her husband has always been.

“John has a remarkable ability to comfort me when I’m in a tough place, and I knew that early on when my grandma passed away,” she shares. “Him helping me through labor just cemented that, which was perfect just before our wedding.”

wedding and birth
Image source: Jael and John Pulcipher

John also praises his wife for working her butt off in all areas of their life together.

“She’s such a really hard worker, and I really do think that’s going to show a lot as a mom,” he says. “I think she’s going to be the best mom that there ever could be. I think Briar’s going to be so happy.”

Awww. If Briar’s any bit as happy as her parents were to meet her, the trio sure have a joyful road ahead of them.

“Watching the birth of your daughter is the most miraculous thing I think you could ever witness,” John tells Babble. “At that moment, hearts just fluttered.”

And hearts continued to flutter when Jael and John were able to bring Briar home from the hospital earlier this week. Speaking with Babble at the time, the couple shared that they couldn’t feel more ready to enjoy their first evening together as a new family.

“She is still very strong and healthy and is enjoying her first night home with Mommy and Daddy,” says John.

wedding and birth
Image source: Jael and John Pulcipher

And just in case you were wondering how these two came up with Briar’s unique name, they chose to honor Jael’s love of Disney’s Princess Aurora  — otherwise known as Briar Rose. How sweet is that?

Congrats to this beautiful family!

h/t: Daily Mail UK

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