Clever Grandma Slows Down Speeding Cars with the Best Trick Ever

Jean Brooks had been regularly watching cars, and even a gang of motorbikes, whiz down her street for quite some time — and she was sick of it. So she decided to take matters into her own hands.

In an awesome viral video from BBC News, the 64-year-old Brit demonstrates the creative way she’s getting the motorists to slow down. And shockingly, it’s worked like a charm.

The video shows Brooks standing in her front yard in a strapless housedress, pointing her hairdryer at drivers as they pass by.

“Quite simply,” she explains in the video, “by picking up one of those and going like that [pointing hairdryer like a radar gun], I have never seen so many people’s brake lights go on — and all it is, is a hairdryer. If they don’t like it, that’s tough. I live here. My friends live here. My friends’ children live here.”

The video has racked up 35M views, 171K likes, and 89K shares on the BBC News Facebook page, where it’s also inspired an outpouring of support for the saucy, blowdryer-toting Nottingham resident.

Brooks’ decision to take a stand against speeding drivers in her neighborhood brings attention to an all-too-common problem, which some say is made worse by navigation apps that route drivers onto residential streets that aren’t prepared for so many cars. In fact, The Washington Post recently reported that city officials in Portland, Oregon once resorted to placing barrels as a fake “obstruction” on a road that was actually designed as a “greenway” bike route, but had suddenly become a popular route for cars, thanks to the apps. Vehicular traffic was swiftly reduced.

For Brooks, it’s all about making sure the little ones in her neighborhood are safe. As the grandmother of four told The Daily Mail, her road is both a main road onto her housing development, as well as a school drop-off point — making safe speeds critical.

“If we can’t be safe in our own streets, how the hell are we going to be safe in the world?” she asks in the video.

We wholeheartedly agree. High-five to Brooks for not just complaining about such a dangerous problem, but doing something about it.

h/t: BBC News

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