Little Girl Sobs at Parents’ Wedding in Touching Viral Photo

Sometimes the most powerful wedding photos don’t even feature the bride and groom at all, but rather those who love them the most.

Such was the case at the wedding of Jenni and Timmy Gibson, which took place last month. The couple has three children who were absolutely thrilled to see their parents tie the knot — especially their daughter Lexi. Iowa photographer Missie Lafrenz shot their wedding photos, and captured the most touching image of Lexi sobbing as she watched the ceremony.

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Image Source: Missie Lafrenz Photography

The Gibson’s wedding took place on May 12, 2018. They had an intimate ceremony at a gorgeous vineyard next to an open-style barn — but their love story began long before this day.

The couple met when they were just teenagers. Jenni tells Babble that she and Timmy first connected at a friend’s house and started dating when they were 16.

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Image Source: Missie Lafrenz

“Once we met, we were inseparable!” she says.

As they grew into adulthood together, Jenni says that they had their “rocky parts” and were at times “on again off again,” but that they “never disconnected, ever!” She says they always remained civil when they weren’t together.

“He’s my first love, biggest fan, but most importantly, my best friend!” Gibson says.

When they decided to get married, Gibson says that while all the kids were excited, Lexi was particularly thrilled.

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Image Source: Missie Lafrenz

“You would have thought she was getting married,” says Jenni.

Lexi wanted to be involved with everything having to do with the wedding: She went dress shopping with her mom and helped, pick out the flowers for the big day as well.

Gibson knew her daughter was looking forward to the wedding, but says she was still blown away at how emotional Lexi became during the ceremony.

kiss from mom
Image Source: Missie Lafrenz Photography

“I didn’t know it was going to hit her that hard in that moment,” she says.

Missie Lafrenz tells Babble that from the start, this wedding was an emotional experience for everyone involved.

“This was such a unique wedding,” she explains. “Not because of the superficial things — but because of the love and emotion. I could tell when I showed up that day how important this was to the kids. The two older girls were in awe of their mom and just kept hugging her!”

During the ceremony, Lafrenz made the decision to move her lens away from the couple momentarily in order to capture the reaction of the children, because as she puts it: “My job as the wedding photographer is to capture all those details that the bride misses.”

It was the perfect shot, and one of many that featured the couple’s adorable children.

Jenni says she is thrilled with all of the wedding photos, and that the image of her two girls in particular makes her very emotional.

Gibson says that her wedding day is one that she will never forget, and that she wishes she could do it again. Thankfully, their special day will live on forever in the stunning photographs that captured it.

Congrats to the entire family!

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