11-Year-Old’s Bucket List Goes Viral for Its Hilarious Creativity

Image source: Josh TK
Image source: Josh Magpantay

Who hasn’t thought about their bucket list? Mine includes adopting a french bulldog and eating pasta in Italy. Pretty normal stuff, right?

Well, not for 11-year-old Jesse Magpantay of Dallas, Texas! According to TODAY, her brother Josh Magpantay spotted the quirky list shortly before her birthday and just had to snap a picture. He posted it to Twitter earlier this week, which has since received over 17K likes and 6K retweets.

The list had a very wide range of activities on it including: “eat a hammerhead shark,” sit in an “empty room for [an] hour,” and “win a Taco Bell Dorito[s] Taco eating contest.” It has us, and the rest of the Internet, laughing.

Our favorite to-do on Jesse’s list? “Stay asleep for 24 hours,” because #goals.

Josh really got a kick out of it, and had a feeling it would go viral. “Like the first two seemed like childish-cute but then when I saw number three was intensely weird, I knew that it’d be online worthy,” he told TODAY. He said that although the list is bizarre, it has Jesse written all over it. “She’s really smart, and zany, and weird in the way little girls are totally weird at that age, you know?” he told BuzzFeed.

Twitter users felt the same, flooding Josh’s post with tons of supportive comments. Some predicted #10, others had similar items on their list, while one commented with, “Alarm set for March 12, 2019. The world will be expecting answers.” It’s great to see so much positive reinforcement.

And best of all? Taco Bell themselves reached out. It looks like Jesse may be able to check one off the list rather soon.

We love your creativity, Jesse — keep working towards these epic bucket list goals.

h/t: Huffington Post UK

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