Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids to Tell the Time on an Analog Clock, and It Did Not Go Well

When you’re a kid, you learn quickly that there are loads of new life skills you’ve gotta get down pat before you enter the grown-up world. Learning to tie your own shoes, for example. Mastering the art of coloring within the lines. And of course, learning to tell time. Yet as one hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live! skit recently proved, kids today have it real easy on that last one, because they’re pretty much always dealing with digital clocks, which do all the work for you.

As a result, Gen Z’s aptitude for telling time on analog clocks — which probably seem insanely ancient to them by now — is basically nonexistent. And it’s not just here in America, either. As Kimmel himself called out on a recent episode of Live!, schools in England have actually started to remove analog clocks from classrooms, because kids are just … well, not reading them. Or if they are, they certainly don’t know what they’re looking at.

To prove this point, Kimmel’s team took to the streets of Hollywood to put some real kids to the test. And OMG was it hilarious (and also hilariously depressing, depending on how you look at it).

As kid after kid was asked to interpret what the big and little hand said, they tried … and tried … and tried … yet failed miserably. Well, all but one kid, who was then awarded a giant clock necklace (à la Flavor Flav) for being able to definitively state that the clock read 9:33.

See? Not all hope is lost.

Kids today may be bad at telling time on old-school clocks, but they’re certainly ahead of the curve in a lot of other ways. I mean, if you’ve got a kid over 7 at home, chances are they’ve probably already taught you something you didn’t know how to do on your iPad. (You know it’s true.)


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