This New Christmas Ad Features Animals Bouncing on a Trampoline, and the Internet Is Freaking Out


Holiday trigger warning.

The John Lewis Christmas advertisement has finally been released.

For those of us in America who are unfamiliar with the British department store tradition *holds hand sheepishly above head*, apparently it is, according to my Scottish husband, the first nod to folks across the pond that the “festive period” is coming. Yes, he actually uses phrases like “festive period.” It is iconic and highly anticipated. As I was preparing to write this article, I started playing the video and as the very first note began ringing from my laptop, my husband came at a full sprint into the room like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning shouting, “ARE YOU WATCHING THE JOHN LEWIS CHRISTMAS ADVERT?!?”

Beyond that, he said, it is tradition. And we all know how the British love tradition. Just ask me while I’m eating scones on the Queen’s birthday.

In the advertisement, a little girl receives a much anticipated trampoline for Christmas. In the hours before dawn, the trampoline attracts animals from all across the land — a fox, a squirrel, a tiny hedgehog, even a portly badger. Mortal enemies brought together through a sense of childish wonder. And we get to watch the animals bounce on the trampoline while the Randy Crawford classic “One Day I’ll Fly Away” plays softly in the background. No, I’m not crying, YOU’RE CRYING.

I don’t know if John Lewis could predict the future, but I think we all could use tiny animals jumping on a trampoline right about now.

The advertisement was created in partnership with The Wildlife Trust, a charity which will receive 10 percent from sales of toy versions of the animals. Oh, we are supposed to be buying toy versions? *erases search history for hedgehog breeders in local area*

We ended up watching the video on repeat for about an hour as a family. Our kids, ranging in age from 13 to 5, all loved it. Everyone will love it. It is virtually impossible not to love. Some have criticized the ad as inappropriate for kids because the trampoline is not being given by Santa. At my house anyway, some gifts are from Santa and some are from family. And let’s not forget about all the families whose holidays don’t depend on Santa at all.

Since I now know it is an official kick off to the festive period, I am going to use this as an opportunity to begin decorating our house for the holidays weeks earlier than originally planned.

Thank you, John Lewis, thank you.

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