This Guy Wore the Same T-Shirt in Every School Picture from 6th to 12th Grade

Surely you remember doing things when you were young just to piss your parents off. And maybe it’s payback time now with your own kids.

But we haven’t seen anything that quite tops this kid, who wore the same exact T-shirt for every school photo for seven years. Hilarious!

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Image Source: Justin Taylor

The “kid” is Justin Taylor, now 34, who tweeted out the photos with the caption, “So from 6th to 12th grade I wore the same shirt in every school photo. My parents weren’t fans. I thought it was pretty hilarious.” The tweet went viral with 35K likes and over 7K retweets.

As Taylor explains to Babble:

“I grew up in a small surf town, so wearing cool surf brands was the thing to do to fit in. I didn’t surf, but I really wanted to — so at the beginning of the year, my parents bought me a few things. However, they were expensive, so I only got a few shirts,” Taylor says. “I wanted to make sure my ‘cool shirt’ was in my yearbook and school photo. I didn’t get any new cool surf clothes the next year, so I kinda just went with it again almost on accident.”

From then on, Taylor says, he made it a thing — even wearing the shirt for his driver’s license photo.

As you might have guessed, his parents were less enthused as the years went by. “They wanted to stop purchasing photos, but I remember begging them cause I thought it was so great,” Taylor recalls. But eventually, he says, they got a sense of humor about it.

Best part is, he still has the shirt. He later tweeted a current photo of him wearing it, with the caption, “Still fits!”

man wearing shirt
Image Source: Justin Taylor

Talk about a timeless look! Even though Billabong sold that shirt over 20 years ago, Taylor says he has no plans on giving it up. “It’s my favorite. Maybe I’ll make my kids wear it one day,” he jokes.

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