Homecoming Queen Kicks Winning Point at Her High School Football Game

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Lots of kids dream of being crowned homecoming king or queen. Just like lots of kids dream of being a star football player. But how many kids — how many girls — do you know who achieve both? Well, Kaylee Foster, senior at Ocean Springs High School in Mississippi recently did just that. On the same night.

As originally reported by the New York Post, Foster was crowned homecoming queen before her school’s Friday night’s football game on September 6. But she didn’t just don a crown and wave adoringly at the crowd — she then put on her football uniform and kicked the winning point, bringing her team to a 13-12 victory over their rivals at nearby George County High School.

That wasn’t her only big moment in the game, though. She also kicked two field goals earlier in the night, earning a majority of the team’s points during the game. Then, shortly after the game wrapped, she put her crown back on and posed for pictures (while in uniform and holding a football, of course).

Because guess what, girls? Homecoming queens can play football, too.

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Image Source: Rendy Foster

Foster tells Babble that she was approached in 6th grade by her gym teacher Coach Vick, who also happened to be Ocean Springs’ football coach. Knowing her solid soccer skills, he asked her to play, and Foster now says she can’t remember what life was like before football.

“It’s taught me so much, and I’ve met so many great people because of it,” she says.

Image Source: Rendy Foster

The 2019 graduate, who plans to attend Mississippi College next year where she’ll play soccer and study accounting, tells Babble that she’s the first girl to kick for the high school varsity team, although girls before her had kicked at the middle school level. According to the New York Post, Foster has been on the varsity team since sophomore year, and has been on homecoming court for four years.

She also knows the importance of lifting other girls other up, and throws her #girlpower support behind the current female 9th-grade kicker, who Foster says, “is awesome.”

Between the two honors, Foster admits that she was ultimately more confident in her kicking.

“I practice my kicks every day, and I wasn’t about to let my team down,” she says, “but there were four other amazing girls that could have been crowned Queen so that was a shock.”

In response to whether she sees herself as a role model for girls, the talented young star tells Babble: “I’ve never really considered myself one, but it’s motivating knowing that I could be someone’s. It makes me want to work harder and be better in all walks of life.”

A video of the incredible moment Foster kicked the game-winning kick — and players subsequently stormed the field in celebration — is currently making its way around Facebook, for obvious reasons.

What a moment that must have been to win both honors in one night, and to know that you’re showing girls across the country that they can wear crowns and cleats at the same time.

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