Pregnant Meteorologist Snaps Back at Viewer Who Said She Looked “Disgusting”

When Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen received a tweet telling her that the maternity clothes she was wearing on screen were “disgusting,” she decided to take action.

As shown below, McEwen took to Twitter and shared the cruel criticism with her 8,000 followers.

And she didn’t stop there.

McEwen appeared on the live TV show Your Morning, where she works as a meteorologist, with a segment called “My Body Is Not Your Concern.”  She noted that for the majority of her pregnancy she has “been flooded with compliments and beautiful messages from our viewers, and it feels like family is watching my belly grow and is just as excited as me.” But unfortunately, women are criticized about their body image.

The mom-to-be elaborated:

“If what I’m wearing you find disgusting in this world, in this week in particular, you need to check your priorities. I’m a firm believer that my body and your body is no one’s business but your own – your body is not for anyone to talk about whether they are talking about your pregnant shape or athleticism or hair color or skin color.”

At 8 months pregnant, McEwen had one final thought about what is actually “disgusting,” saying, “What is disgusting is not my wear, but racism and hate and bullying. Let’s stand up to that and say ‘enough is enough!’ And we are so much more than how we look.”

Bravo, mama!

Having been trolled myself when I was an onscreen presenter back in 2006, I not only sympathize with McEwen, but also admire the fact that she took this bully to task by turning what could have a been a hurtful criticism into something positive.

TV host Michelle Jobin supported McEwen as well, tweeting:

McEwen received so much support, she took to Instagram to say thanks.

With her direct attitude and straight talking, McEwen reminded me that pregnant women are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Kelsey, we applaud you.

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