Mom Faces Internet Backlash After Her Toddler Gives Herself a Haircut

Toddlers are known to be mischievous little buggers that get into everything. As I am writing this, I can see my 2-year-old troublemaker dumping our dog’s food bowl into his water bowl. It feels like one thing after another with him all day long.

One of the most common childhood shenanigans — some would even say rite of passage — is the DIY haircut. I attempted this as a young girl myself, by chopping off my bangs as close to my forehead as I could manage, and I was so proud of the awkward results.

Kerry Katona, the English singer, TV personality, and mom of five, recently posted an adorable photo to Instagram of her daughter who had given herself a haircut, with the caption: “My dj who thought it would be a good idea to cut her own hair!!!! But she still looks beautiful.”

Many were able to relate – sharing their own experiences with their kids’ DIY haircuts – but she also received a lot of criticism over her young daughter having access to scissors.

“Oh dear! Just as well she didn’t cut her skin otherwise it could’ve been a hospital trip…” read one comment.

There were also those commenters wanting to dish out parental advice, saying things like, “Always keep scissors away from kids!”


The fact is, stating the obvious is not always helpful, and it doesn’t make you a superior parent. We all know that toddlers shouldn’t be playing with scissors but that doesn’t mean that it is never going to happen.

At our home, we try to keep the scissors away from our toddler and out of his reach, but we also have two other kids — who don’t always put them away like they should. I remember there was one occasion where my toddler brought me a pair of scissors with a small patch of cat fur. I was horrified, and left to wonder how he got those scissors in the first place. In his mind, he was just giving his pet a little haircut.

The point is, accidents happen — and there was once a time where parents didn’t beat each other up over them. But the negative comments on Katona’s post eventually led her to create a follow-up post using the same picture, but with a new disclaimer: “No body was hurt during dj hairdressing disaster!!!” She later added that her daughter “isn’t the first toddler in the world to of done this and nor will be the last!”

And that is the truth. Kids have a way of accomplishing whatever they set their minds to, and they will go to great lengths to see that they get their way. As parents, we do our very best to protect them and keep harmful things away, but we can’t encase them in bubble wrap. They are going to get curious and explore their world.

In her follow-up post, Katona also confronted those commenters who brought up “what ifs.” As in, “What if something bad had happened?”

“Don’t you all think I know this!” she exclaimed, referring to the danger of scissors.

The fact is, her daughter was fine, and was doing something that most kids will do at some point during their childhood.

In a more recent post, Katona shows off her own new ‘do, intended to match her daughter’s — while her little girl sports some trademark toddler attitude.

“Ok so I decided to cut my own hair so dj and I would be matching,” she said in the caption.

What a great way to embrace a typical childhood experience. The two make an adorable pair!

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