This 9-Year-Old Has Passed Out Over 300 Handmade Toiletry Bags to Homeless Women Across the Country

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Image Source: Khloe Thompson

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that you can make a huge difference in the world, no matter your age — and 9-year-old Khloe Thompson is living, breathing proof of that.

After passing by the same homeless women on her way to school day after day, Khloe says, “I would ask my parents how or why they got there and it made me sad. So I wanted to do something to help.”

And so, with the help of her mother and grandmother, she started giving supplies to the homeless women. The “Kare Bags” include soap, lotion, toothbrushes, tooth paste, feminine products, socks, etc. “Instead of giving these items in a large plastic bag,” Khloe’s website says. “Khloe thought every woman should have a nice sturdy bag to put their stuff in.”

Image Source: Khloe Thompson
Image Source: Khloe Thompson

“My grandma was already teaching me how to sew,” Khloe tells Babble. “Right when I was 8 she was teaching me how to make bags. They didn’t have a name then. Now we call them Kare bags.”

Of course the women who she gives the bags to are incredibly grateful. “I always get ‘Thank you,’ ‘God bless you,’ ‘Keep doing what [you’re] doing.’ And I always get hugs. But sometimes the ladies will cry,” Khloe says. “But it’s tears of joy.”

So much power in a hug! Along with some years! But tears of joy. #bekind #karebags #lb #downtownlongbeach #khloekares #creatingsmiles #kidleader #khloehugs

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At first I thought Khloe and her family just walk down the street and pass out these toiletry bags, but in just a year from when they began, Khloe Kares has become so much bigger than that! Khloe tells Babble that they’ve passed out over 300 bags, and shipped out over 100 bags across the U.S. “We have bags in Missouri, Georgia, Nevada, Florida, all over California, it’s so hard to remember!” Khloe tells Babble. “We’ve sent so many out.” And every single one of them is handmade.

Image Source: Khloe Thompson
Image Source: Khloe Thompson

That’s an amazing accomplishment for this young girl and her family. But she’s not ready to stop there. They recently held a toy drive as well. “It was amazing! We gave new shoes and toys to over 40 families,” Khloe says. “Next we are working on my Thanksgiving event and we are going to feed kids and teens in homeless shelters. And I have an event with the Fashion Camp in December.” She is one busy girl!

Her classmates and friends have no doubt noticed all the great work she’s doing and the attention she’s getting from news outlets. “They say I’m the class celebrity. I don’t think I’m famous yet,” she tells Babble. “I still have a lot of work to do and more people to help.”

Khloe is getting so much support from her community and around the world as well. The GoFundMe campaign for Khloe Kares has skyrocketed, raising $15,558 in just four months, far exceeding the $10k goal. Khloe and her mom have filed for their 501c3 for Khloe Kares to become an official charity. “One day I want to have a community center. And people who are homeless can go there to live, [get] jobs, and it will be there for them to get back on their feet.”

I couldn’t be more inspired by this girl’s drive and passion. With every project she works on to help her community, she’s constantly thinking of the next big one she can do to make an even bigger impact.

No one can stop Khloe from dreaming big and making it happen. You go, girl.


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