One Kind-Hearted Real Estate Agent Is Footing the Bill for Pet Adoptions — Through the Rest of the Year


There’s no place like home for the holidays — and that goes for all of our furry friends, too! No one agrees with this sentiment more than Sacramento real estate agent Kim Pacini-Hauch, who has agreed to pay for any animal adopted at Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter for the remainder of the year.

Pacini-Hauch explained to Babble, “This is the first time an individual has sponsored an event like this here locally. ‘Home for the Pawlidays’ is our theme and it’s gone viral!” It is true — the video that was initially posted on the animal shelter’s Facebook page announcing the offer currently has nearly 8 million views. Additionally, The Sacramento Bee reported that there were more than 250 people lined up when the shelter opened at noon after the debut of the video and that by mid-afternoon all cats had been adopted.

Image source: Kim Pacini-Hauch
Image source: Kim Pacini-Hauch

How amazing is that? Adoptions usually cost $85 for dogs and $65 for cats, so this is a major effort being made on behalf of Pacini-Hauch that is much appreciated by the community and the animal shelter. However, don’t expect to drive up and be handed a puppy. While the animals are free of charge, people seeking to adopt a pet must still meet with volunteers from the shelter to discuss the responsibilities of pet ownership and make sure their lifestyle is a match for the animal.

It is apparent how special this mission is to Pacini-Hauch, who told The Sacramento Bee that in 1984 she adopted her dog Teddy, who has since passed, from the Front Street shelter. She opened up to us about how she feels about the program so far:

“My heart is so full of love and gratitude for the incredible response to our event, especially for the hope that we may save all the animals in our care by the end of the year. In addition, I truly hope other cities will be inspired to find benefactors to sponsor their own ‘Home for the Pawlidays.’ Wouldn’t it be awesome if every shelter animal found a home by the end of the year across the country? It can happen if we take this message and relay the good will it creates in communities to cherish every last creature. “

Image source: Kim Pacini-Hauch
Image source: Kim Pacini-Hauch

Her sentiments are truly heartwarming, and I’d love nothing more than to see her achieve her goals. Of course, the now viral real estate estate agent has two sweet rescue dogs, named Pipi and Chica, in her own home. She happily explained that her dogs are actually from Mexico and were “saved by the wonderful international rescue organization, Compassion Without Borders.” Pacini-Hauch has always been dedicated to helping rescue animals, noting:

“My father really wanted to be a veterinary doctor but did not have the means to do so. He was kind and tender and taught us to love and respect animals. We always had pets, mostly rescue animals and strays. All my adult life I have only had rescue animals as pets.”

While it has been said that it is unlikely all the animals will find homes by the end of the year, Pacini-Hauch’s generosity is sure to make a major impact on the lives of many families and pets alike. And as a fellow animal lover, I can truly appreciate all that this ambitious real estate agent is trying to do this holiday season.

Keep up the good work, Kim!

h/t: The Sacramento Bee

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