Wife Throws Hilarious “Balls Voyage” Party to Celebrate Husband’s Vasectomy

In a Facebook post that has gone viral, Kimberly Hemperly announced that she and her husband Jason would not be adding more children to their family.

“We feel like two is plenty for us. We were lucky enough to be blessed with one of each and we know sometimes that isn’t always the case,” Kimberly tells Babble.

Knowing his wife had already undergone two C-sections to deliver their babies, Jason volunteered to go under the knife and get a vasectomy.

“He’s very selfless in that way. Very compassionate and caring. We couldn’t be happier with our little family,” Kimberly notes.

While many couples privately decide when they are done growing their family, the Hemperly family had an all-out celebration of this milestone.

This mother-of-two decided to throw her husband a surprise party for the occasion with a hilarious twist. Enter a “Balls Voyage” vasectomy-themed party, complete with all of the “pun-intended” trimmings.

From a surgery glove ice pack full of frozen peas, athletic cup, and Ding Dongs, to extra tender beef jerky, Milk Duds, “snip” cake, and a piping hot dish of meatballs and little sausages, it’s pretty clear Kimberly spared no effort in organizing this “celebration.”

Jason can be seen wearing a “Time to Retire the Swim Team” t-shirt while holding his kids — who are of course, wearing matching “Swim Team Survivor” tees with their birth years.

“When I told him this morning that 30K people have shared the post, he was floored. He’s so surprised people find it this funny,” Kimberly jokes.

But don’t go thinking Jason doesn’t have a sense of humor. He got a kick out of the thoughtful “Balls Voyage” party and truly appreciated the effort. “He was more than thrilled with the party. It only consisted of myself and our two kids,” Kimberly says.

The only thing funnier than the party itself, were the hashtags Kimberly used on the Facebook announcement: #teamnomorebabies, #snipsniphooray, and #recreationaluseonly complete with family, scissor and heart emojis.

In family life, it sure doesn’t hurt to have a sense of humor and a partner to share it with, amirite?

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