City Bus Driver Sees Girl Running Late for School, Pays for a Taxi to Get Her There on Time

It has been two full decades since my first day of high school, and yet I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was terrified and thrilled all at once, as I worried about everything from “looking cool” to wondering if I would get lost on my way to homeroom. So when I came across the story of a young British girl’s hectic first day of school this week, I could immediately relate.

The young girl, who lives in Bramley, Leeds, found herself running late for her first class and (understandably) freaking out. But that’s when a public bus driver with a heart of gold saw the girl mid-panic, and took a minute to stop and ask if she was ok. She definitely wasn’t, and shared that she was worried over running late on her very first day. And that’s when something truly remarkable happened.

The bus driver could have continued on with his bus route, wishing her good luck and carrying on with his day. But instead, he called a taxi to pick the girl up at a local Tesco (a popular British grocery store). He even paid the fee!

The kind deed may have gone quietly, had a passenger on that bus, Lynsey Jayes, not witnessed the whole story unfolding and then shared it on Facebook. And the Internet is so glad she did.

Morning traffic and delayed commutes can make anyone grumpy, but watching the bus driver bestow such a random act of kindness apparently trumped the other bus riders being a couple of minutes late. Jayes tells Babble that “the other passengers all responded with smiles and were happy to help him by searching and offering taxi details local to the area.”

The sweet story has attracted plenty of media attention across the pond, though the unnamed bus driver wishes to remain anonymous. Jayes shares with Babble that he’s a very private and humble person, and that while she didn’t know him until this particular morning when he stopped to help the young girl, they have since been in touch on Facebook.

“He is very modest and believes it was just the right thing to do and doesn’t see that is was anything out of the ordinary,” Jaye shares. “He is clearly just a very kind and caring individual. He has a daughter the same age who started her first day at high school this morning.”

This one simple gesture has left a powerful message that Jaye hopes is not missed by the general public.

“I hope that by sharing this act of kindness, other employees who work with the public will perhaps look for ways in which they too can go above and beyond to help others, having seen the public reaction and how much we (the public) appreciate their actions when they do go out of their way to help others,” Jaye tells Babble.

As a parent, I like to think that there are enough kind-hearted people out there that should my kids ever find themselves in a jam when I’m not around, someone would lend a helping hand. Stories like this fill heart with pride and reassurance that the world isn’t going straight to hell after all.

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