New “Smart” Thermometer by Kinsa Gives Parents One Less Thing to Worry About

Brace yourself — flu season is coming.

Whether your child has a field trip that day, you have a big project due at work, or any of the other billion things we do and worry about in a day, the fact of the matter is, when it comes to sick days —

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Charlie Capen, of parenting blog How To Be A Dad, and his family understand completely. They teamed up with Kinsa to make a video that speaks to the heart of every parent. It features many of the little things we stress about each day and how, thanks to a new high-tech thermometer, there can be one less.

What makes the video so different than most commercials (besides the on-point portrayal of what it’s really like to live with kids) is that it was filmed with Capen’s actual brood. An opportunity that, according to Charlie, he’ll be able to “look back on in 10 years or so, and remember how small [his] kids were.”

For Capen’s son Finn, the video shoot was an even more thrilling opportunity. “He enjoyed, with an excessive amount of enthusiasm, pretending to throw up on me,” Charlie told Babble, “It really shows in his Oscar-worthy performance. He nailed it.”

So as we’ve seen, and already known — sick days can be hard. They can involve “puke-cannons,” as Capen recalled from a particularly harrowing night of parenting. They can definitely be messy. But they can also be a little easier, as the Kinsa Thermometer aims to accomplish.

With a seconds-fast reading time, a convenient battery-less design, and an endlessly useful mobile phone app to connect to, the Indiegogo-sponsored thermometer takes thinking out of the equation for parents. Without all the numbers, stats, times and temperatures to keep track of, we can focus their frazzled attention where it really matters — our kid’s comfort.

The best part? Kinsa launched a FLUency initiative to send their thermometers (for free) to families in select schools nationwide to combat the upcoming flu season.

Here at Babble, we’re ready to sign up for any help we can get. Because once we get past a feverish few days, there’s always another situation waiting around the corner to plague our minds with parental anxiety. Less time worrying about a sick kid means more time preparing* for all the fun** that’s yet to come.

* Preparing = Obsessive Googling, battening down of hatches, locking of cabinets, and chanting “you can do this.”

** Fun = teenage years

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