Mom’s Hilarious Toilet Seat Signs Sum Up One of the Biggest Struggles of Raising Boys

All kids are unique in their own special ways. But as most parents will tell you, there are some universal truths about raising boys that always manage to stay the same, no matter the kid. No. 1 on the list? No matter how thorough a potty trainer you were or how many long, hard hours you put in trying to teach your dear son to aim inside the bowl, you will fail. Miserably.

There will be pee on the toilet seat, and pee on the floor. There will be pee waiting for you, as you wander into the bathroom at the crack of dawn — with one eye open. Try as you might, there will be lots and lots of pee. So much pee. ALL THE PEE.

Blogger Kristina Kuzmic knows this reality all too well — and she’s got a solution. The mom of boys recently took matters into her own hands and wrote up explicit instructions for her sons on where to pee and where not to pee the next time they step into the bathroom. And let’s just say … her instructions were pretty hard to miss. (Pun intended.)

“Sometimes I write my kids love notes,” Kuzmic joked in a May 31 Facebook post … along with a photo of the various “instructions” she drew up for her sons.

“PEE IN THIS HOLE,” reads one helpful sign, positioned at the top of the toilet seat, along with an arrow pointing into the bowl.

“NOT A PEEING AREA,” reads another, placed upon the floor, directly under the bowl.

Kuzmic went on to place four other signs surrounding the toilet, to further help her boys identify what is and isn’t a pee-friendly area. And while there’s no word yet on whether the message has gotten through to her boys, the Internet is LOVING it.

One Facebook user was so impressed by the pee signs, she thinks Kuzmic should put them on the market. “Make these laminated, with an adhesive base on the back,” Heather L. suggested in the comments, “and I am sure any woman that lives with men will buy these!!!!”

Others were less hopeful.

“The sad part is, you need to do the same thing for adult men too,” noted Patty W. “That’s why I don’t go deer hunting anymore. If he can’t hit a toilet that is six inches in front of him, I’m not going in the woods with him and a high powered rifle. Period.”

Yikes. Fair point, Patty.

But at least one mom says her efforts in training her sons to aim have paid off.

“I taught my boys (all 4 of them) to sit and there is no mess, just because they can doesn’t mean they have to,” shared Vanessa P. “Their wives will thank me someday.”

They certainly will.

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