The Look on This Mom’s Face When She Found Out She Gave Birth to a Boy Is Priceless

Koto Nakamura went into the hospital expecting to give birth to a baby girl. But much to her surprise, that did not happen.

According to TODAY Parents, when Nakamura was in the delivery room, her midwife told the story of a client who had been told by ultrasound techs that she was expecting one gender, only to give birth to the opposite.

“We were all laughing and joking about it, saying, ‘Oh gosh, as if that would happen to us,'” Nakamura’s birth photographer, Jessica Jackson told TODAY Parents. “We were trying to imagine how the mother must have felt — little did we know it was about to happen to Koto, too.”

That’s right. After the final push, everyone quickly realized that was exactly what happened to Koto.

“I thought everyone was joking,” Nakamura said. “I lost words and I couldn’t believe it until I saw his bottom.”

Luckily, her birth photographer was able to capture the precise moment when Nakamura learned the news — and the look of pure shock on her face is absolutely priceless. She posted the photo on Instagram with the caption:

“The priceless look on a mamas face who was told she was having a baby girl but received a baby boy!! Talk about a big surprise!! Any one else get a surprise like this at birth? Shared with permission by the parents.”

The Australian mom and her husband Sina Niakansafy had even picked out a name for their daughter — Hinata — and celebrated her impending birth with a baby shower filled with tons of pink gifts.

But lest you think the new mom was anything but delighted by her new baby, Nakamura promises she couldn’t be more thrilled.

“I was shocked for a few seconds, and then it didn’t matter if it was a girl or a boy.”

The happy parents decided to name their surprise boy Taiga, a Japanese name meaning “big and gracious.”

h/t: TODAY Parents

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