Kristen Bell Shares Hilarious Story of Why She Skipped Pumping for a Day

Hollywood’s most adorable couple, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, recently swung by Ellen to promote their upcoming movie, CHiPs; and as per usual, it was pretty memorable. But the best part, by far, was when they recalled how Kristen “prepped” for her “trashy trophy ex-wife” role in ‘CHiPs’ — a role for which large breasts were basically a necessity. Forget the ‘ole padded bra, though; Kristen says she used her own endless milk supply to do the job, and simply skipped pumping for a day.

“I was supposed to be pumping every four hours,” Bell told Ellen. “So it was like [gestures towards her breasts growing bigger].”

Problem solved! (Thanks, Mother Nature.)

Any woman who’s breastfed and used the dreaded pump every few hours knows how it is when you’ve skipped a pumping session or two. Bell speaks the truth when she describes that it was “slightly painful” to fill up over a 24-hour period when her body was used to releasing the good stuff several times a day.

And when her doting husband took pity and suggested she release some of the pressure, she wisely told him no. “You can’t open the flood gates,” Bell explained.

Honestly, truer words have never been spoken. Once you tell the girls it’s go time, well, it’s go time. There’s no turning back.

Thankfully, Kristen’s pumping break was only a day long and 24 hours later her breasts were back to their normal, comfortable size. So she was able to continue breast-feeding her baby Delta (little sister to Lincoln) just fine afterwards.

“This was my version of Christian Bale losing 125 pounds or something,” said Bell.

And Shephard was super thankful: “I wish there was a way for me to repay it ― like not pee for a couple days.”

The hilarious couple (who are basically the epitome of #RelationshipGoals) also went on to discuss Bell’s boobs (or “life sources,” to quote her husband) with reference to her plunging neckline Golden Globes dress.

When asked by Ellen if either of them were worried about a wardrobe malfunction, Shepard laughed that his wife pumps and/or breastfeeds in front of company so often that they could have fallen out and he wouldn’t have even noticed.

After all, Bell added, “They’re just boobs.”

Bell’s candor about women’s issues like breastfeeding and depression aren’t just entertaining; they’re refreshing to hear in a world that seems to still be uncomfortable talking about it. She’s honest and open and hilarious all at once, making us breastfeeding moms feel like we aren’t alone in our struggles. She’s also an inspiration for working moms trying to “do it all” by maintaining a relevant career while still being dedicated and loving mother.

And sometimes in order to do that, you might have to let your boobs fill up for a day to look like Pamela Anderson (which was, according the Shephard, the look they were going for). Other times, you sit on a park bench or the subway and breastfeed your child. Either way, Kristen Bell and her super supportive husband want women to know it’s okay — you do you, and you’ll be fine.

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