Clever 9-Year-Old Asks Tooth Fairy to “Take a Selfie” to Prove She’s Real

My kids are all still young enough to believe the stories I tell them. Santa brings them magical gifts at Christmas, the Easter Bunny leaves spring baskets filled with chocolate eggs, and when my children lose a tooth, the Tooth Fairy swings by and exchanges it for coins. I know the day will come when they finally question all of this magic, but until I read a hilarious Facebook post by Fr. Lauderdale, Florida mom and TV reporter Kristen Hewitt, I wasn’t actually sure how I’d handle it.

On October 2, Hewitt posted a photo of the hand-written note her 9-year-old daughter Lila had left out. It seems she’d decided to take advantage of her little sister Emy’s lost tooth, in order to get to the bottom of this whole Tooth Fairy business once and for all.

It reads:

Dear Hewitt Tooth Fairy,

Thank you for watching over us and our teeth! By us I mean me and Emy! Obviously I was wondering, why do fairy’s (and sparrows) not show themselves to people? My password is 2009 on my iPad in Emy’s room if you could please take a selfie! If you don’t want to type in my password just swipe right. PLEASE, Lila, P.P.S What’s your name?

“I was super surprised when I tiptoed into Emy’s room to play the tooth fairy and saw a note not only from our little one, but our older daughter as well,” Hewitt tells Babble. “They never leave notes, this was a first! And then I saw her big sister’s iPad was there, and I was super confused.”

Hewitt says she tiptoed back out of Emy’s room to read the notes her daughters left for the Tooth Fairy, and once she realized that they were after definitive proof of the fairy’s existence — by requesting a selfie, no less — she couldn’t stop laughing.

“I snapped a pic and texted it to my husband who was out of town and we both were super impressed,” Hewitt admits. “I mean, if you want proof she exists, why wouldn’t you ask the tooth fairy for a selfie?!”

Honestly, good question! Their logic was pretty clever.

Kids will go to all kinds of great lengths to get proof that legends like Santa and the Tooth Fairy exist — and parents will go to all sorts of lengths to preserve those very same secrets.

Just last Christmas, I tricked my son into thinking that Santa was downstairs — and to lay very still and let him do his job — when the alarm on the coffee . To this day, my son will recount that time he heard Santa’s “pager” go off telling him to hurry up and get to the next house. Parents have to think quick to give the right kinds of answers to keep the magic going just a little bit longer.

Which is exactly what Hewitt did.

“Well as you know, if a tooth fairy is seen, they lose their magic flying powers,” Hewitt explains. “So of course she couldn’t snap a selfie! Also, she didn’t know what an iPad was because hello, they don’t have that type of technology in Tooth Fairy-ville! The girls were shocked the [Tooth Fairy] didn’t know what an iPad was, so they wrote her another note asking if they could be pen pals.”

Readers will be pleased to learn that Emy received money and even a bonus piece of candy for her “superior Nancy Drew sleuthing skills.”

“This is my favorite part of being a mom, seeing the world through your kid’s eyes,” Hewitt shares. “I love their wonder and curiosity so much, and I’m really savoring these last moments where she still believes. I know that time is ticking by quickly, and I do feel a bit of guilt not telling her the truth at almost 10, but man I love the magic of childhood.”

As a mom of three, I totally get what Hewitt is saying. It is so hard to let go of the magical parts of childhood, when stories of fairies are real and the spark of wonder is everywhere. Who can blame us for wanting them to hold on to it, just a little bit longer?

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