This Mom’s Flawless Defense of Dads Is Resonating with Thousands

As a mom who creates a ton of content online, I cannot tell you how offensive it is to me to see constant ridicule of fathers under the guise of “sarcasm” or “humor.” For far too long, dads have been viewed as clueless dolts or deadbeats when it comes to parenting.

Turns out, I’m not the only one who feels that this outdated take on dads needs to change, STAT. Mom blogger Kristina Kuzmic recently posted an incredibly articulate defense of dads everywhere, and I am all over it!

In her now-viral post on Facebook that has received over 22K reactions, Kuzmic shows a lovely image of a father and daughter with a firm declaration of she won’t do for click: make fun of dads.

“I’ve been occasionally asked to create videos mocking dads,” her post starts. “Though I realize that making dads look like incompetent, childish idiots is pretty popular on the internet (and the media in general) I will never do it and here’s why … ”

Her reasons are awesomely spot-on. She makes an articulate argument as to how making fun of dads is really mocking them — and if we won’t tolerate mocking moms or anyone else, then why do we tolerate ridiculing dads?

Good point! She also points out in her post that she is the mother of sons, and that she worries what messages they’re receiving when the world basically sees fatherhood as a joke.

“I think it’s become so normal that people don’t even think about how it’s affecting our children,” Kuzmic tells Babble. “But if a little boy is growing up in a home where he’s hearing the mom constantly criticize the dad for not doing this or that correctly or as well as her, then of course, that boy is going to grow up to think that men aren’t as capable of being as great of parents as women are.”

You guys, she’s not wrong. We all need to watch what we say in front of kids — not just the swearing or the adult stuff, but also the litany of criticisms of Dad.

So, what does Kuzmic really want moms to know?

“I’d like moms to realize that none of us are perfect parents!” she tells Babble. “And just because your partner is doing things a little differently than you, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way to do it. Different doesn’t equal wrong. In the long run, will it really matter if he dressed the kid in an outfit you don’t like, or didn’t put the clean dishes away exactly how you like them put away? No. But in the long run, what will matter is your kids seeing you treat your husband as a capable parent, instead of continually undermining him.”

My husband definitely does everything the opposite of how I would like to see it done in the world of cleaning — but you won’t hear me complaining. We’re a team. We each bring our own strengths, talents, and weaknesses to the table, which is, I think, Kuzmic’s entire point. Let’s be more inclusive and kind when it comes to how we treat dads, especially when we make jokes.

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