Dad Surprises Mom with an Inflatable Bar for Date Night — and Now We All Want One

Regular date night is non-negotiable in our house. I love my kids but sometimes, I just don’t want to be around them. I want to have grownup fun, drink a grownup drink out of a glass that isn’t plastic, and wear clothes that aren’t the yoga pants I’ve slept in for two days straight. I want to have an adult conversation with my husband that doesn’t involve being interrupted by a short person who wants to tell me story about Minecraft that I have to pretend I care about.

I want to get out of my house, look pretty, and not think about being a mom for a little while. Although I think my husband would probably be happy hanging out on the couch watching Netflix and chilling — really watching Netflix and chilling — going out regularly sans kids is important to me, so it happens.

This mom in England gets me. In a Facebook video posted by LADbible that received over 336K likes and 29M views in just a few days, she and her husband prove that even if it’s tough to pull off date night, the payoff can be well worth it.

As the video starts, her husband records a conversation they had while hanging out on the couch where she laments that she hasn’t been out in forever and how nice it would be to have a date night. She’s relatably disheveled and we can hear the baby gurgling in the background. Of course, she wants a night out and she deserves one.

They go back and forth about the cost of a babysitter. He suggests takeout, which she doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about, because hello? She wants to go O-U-T. The husband relents, tells her to go out, get her hair done and get prettied up and that they’ll have a date night the next night at eight o’clock. Boom. Done.

The video cuts to the husband answering the door, appropriately date night spiffed up, to greet his lovely wife who is rocking a fitted dress and some bold lipstick because she’s expecting to go out on the town for some well-earned kid-free time.

“Where’s Sarah?” she asks, peering around the husband. We’re to assume Sarah is the babysitter and the crestfallen look on the woman’s face when she realizes there’s no Sarah — meaning no babysitter — made me simultaneously tear up a little and want to throat-chop the husband.

The husband goes on to explain that they are still having date night — but they’re not going anywhere, and they are still responsible for watching their kid. Her expression clearly states what a crappy idea she thinks this is and we’re all scowling at the screen and thinking he’s a major jerkface.

And then he redeems himself in the most epic way ever.

He leads his wife out to the back yard where he’s placed…wait for it…an inflatable pub called “Air of the Dog.”

The inflatable pub included a full bar with real wine glasses and a selection of nuts. Nothing says classy like bar snacks. There was also a dance floor complete with a smoke machine and disco lighting that makes us want to party like it’s 1999. And so they did, while their baby snoozed inside the house as the backyard partiers kept watch on him via their iPad screen.

I don’t think it gets more perfect than this.

“We have the best of both worlds,” declares the proud husband who is understandably quite pleased with himself. “Date night without having to pay a sitter.”

Yeah, the inflatable pub and the dance floor bling probably cost way more than an evening of babysitting but we won’t go there because OMG, he got her an inflatable pub!

We need our nights out. We need to feel pretty, kick up our heels and have fun, but the logistics of orchestrating date night can be challenging. Not only do we have to find someone we trust to care for our kids, we have to work with their schedules and pay them a gazillion dollars and hour so we can go have fun. Last minute sitter cancellations? We’ve all been there, sitting on the couch in our little black dress eating pork rinds because our plans crashed and burned.

But thanks to the genius who invented the inflatable pub, we have a viable plan B. Hook it up to the air pump and date night is saved.

My husband mentioned dinner and a movie this weekend but now I know inflatable pubs exist — so I think he needs to seriously up his date night game.

h/t: LADbible

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