Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts for (Almost) Every Type of Dad

father's day gifts
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What do you get the dad who has everything — especially when the deadline for Father’s Day is fast approaching? It ain’t easy. But lucky for you, expedited shipping exists. (#Lifesaver, amiright?) Plus, we’ve narrowed down the search to help you easily skim for ideas before it’s too late.

Got a sports-loving dad (read: FANATIC) at home, or a guy who’s a big ol’ mush and enjoys a sentimental gift every now and then? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

For the Slightly Nerdy Dad

sarcastic graphic tee
Image source: Feelin Good Tees

“Never Forget” T-Shirt from Feelin’ Good Tees

His kids may never get the thrill of stumbling upon an old mix tape, or remember what it was like to have to set the VCR to record their favorite show (and pray there was still room on the tape). But Dad sure does. And if he has a soft spot for all things ’80s and ’90s, he’ll get a kick out of this tee.

Available from Amazon, $16.99

Image source: Bumkins

Bumkins Baby Teether

Oh man, does this Nintendo-inspired teether bring back memories, or what? Technically, this gift is for the baby — but let’s be real, Dad will probably enjoy one of these just as much. (Bonus: There are lots of others to choose from, too — like a teether shaped like the mushroom from Super Mario Bros.!)

Available from Amazon, $9.95

keyboard waffle iron
Image source: The Keyboard Waffle Iron

Keyboard Waffle Iron

There’s no getting around it — this thing is just plain cool. Aside from letting Dad make a jumbo-sized waffle, it pays homage to the old-school PC.

Available from Amazon, $60.20

For the Techy Dad

The Amazon Echo stands against a white background, lit up and ready for use.
Image source: Amazon

Amazon Echo

With the Echo, Dad can call or message anyone he wants, play music, set music alarms and timers, ask questions, control smart home devices … you name it. It can even play Audible audiobooks aloud. (Welcome to the future.)

Available from Amazon, $79.99

splash tunes shower speaker
Image source: FRESHeTECH

Shower Radio

Get ready to catch Dad belting out some tunes in the shower once he’s hooked this bad boy up. It’s portable, hands-free, wireless, and (most importantly) waterproof.

Available from Amazon, $39.95

ring video doorbell
Image source: Amazon

Amazon Ring Doorbell Monitor

Let’s be real: Hearing the doorbell ring when you’re expecting a package is super exciting. But hearing the doorbell ring when you’re not expecting anyone? Not so much. Ring lets you check who’s at the door whether you’re at home or away, via an app you can download to your phone, so you’re always in the loop.

Available from Amazon, $169.99

For the Dad Who Loves to Cook (or Just Eat)

Image source: Panoware

#1 Dad Grilling Set

Let him man the grill with his very own grill set — that’ll always remind him he’s the best dad around. This 4-piece set is made from stainless steel with sturdy wooden handles that are dishwasher-safe.

Available from Amazon, $19.95

hamilton beach breakfast sandwich
Image source: Hamilton Beach

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Oh boy — looks like somebody’s about to majorly upgrade their breakfast game. This clever sandwich maker will let Dad whip up delicious breakfast sandies in five minutes flat. (So really, it’s a gift for the whole fam.)

Available from Amazon, $22.95

game of thrones apron
Image source: Famgem

“Dinner Is Coming” Apron

Got a hopeless Game of Thrones fan at home? This hilarious kitchen apron will keep him clean when he’s behind the stove or grill, as he wears the Stark family’s motto proudly. (Well, kinda.)

Available from Amazon, $31.75

the candy club
Image source: The Candy Club

A Candy Subscription

If Dad has a sweet tooth, this is kind of the best gift around. Choose from his favorite kinds of candies and have a new box set to arrive every month.

Available from Candy Club, starting at $39.99

For the Dad Who’s Got a Good Sense of Humor

dad jokes book
Image source: Portico

The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes

Every dad’s got jokes, but some dads are a cut above the rest. This book will give him even more ridiculous one-liners to add to his arsenal, like, “Why did the banana go to the doctor?” Answer: “Because he wasn’t peeling very well.” (Oof, it’s so bad it’s good.)

Available from Amazon, $12.56

speed stick safe stash
Image source: JayCeeCo

Deodorant Storage Container

This may look like an ordinary deodorant stick, but don’t be fooled. Inside, it’s really a covert storage container for all of Dad’s valuables. (AKA: things he doesn’t want his kids to touch.) It’s funny, but also practical — two things Dad prides himself in being.

Available from Amazon, $18.20

bacon lip balm
Image source: Accoutrements

Bacon-Flavored Lip Balm

Got a dad who’s obsessed with bacon? (LOL — who doesn’t?) This bacon-flavored lip balm will come in handy when his lips are feeling dry, remind him of one of his all-time favorite foods, and make him laugh every time he takes it out of his pocket. Honestly, that’s a win-win if you ask me.

Available from Amazon, $7.43

For the Sentimental Dad


hammer for dad
Image source: CaoBin

“Thanks for Helping Me Build My Life” Hammer

True story: My sister gave my dad this for Father’s Day last year and he wept. If you’re looking for a gift that’ll get him right in the feels, and remind him of how much you appreciate him, this is it.

Available from Amazon, $35.98

letters to my daughter
Image source: Chronicle Books

Letters to My Daughter

This sweet book is the gift that keeps on giving. Inside, it has 12 prompted letters that give parents a place to write heartfelt letters for their daughter to read in the future. They can then be sealed and postdated, so your little girl can treasure them in years to come.

Available from Amazon, $13.84

what i love about dad book
Image source: Knock, Knock

Knock, Knock: What I Love About Dad Book

This one’s another fill-in-the-blank book — except it’s meant to be finished by the child, for Dad to read through (and probably get teary over). Because many of the pages are open-ended, it can be personalized to tell Dad’s story, and be made to be either funny or sentimental.

Available from Amazon, $9.99

For the Sports-Loving Dad

baseball bat bottle openers
Image source: Uncommon Goods

Game Used Bat Bottle Opener

If Dad can still remember baseball stats dating back to the early ’90s, you might want to consider this unique keepsake gift. It’s literally the perfect present for the dad who loves baseball and beer (a winning combo!).

Available from Uncommon Goods, $115

putting green
Image source: Putt-A-Bout

Indoor Putting Green

His swing might need work, but this indoor putting green will help Dad perfect it in no time. It has built-in sand trap cut-outs to catch missed balls and three practice cups so he can practice getting that hole in one.

Available from Amazon, $37.49

Upon Further Review: The Greatest What-Ifs in Sports History
Image source: Hachette Book Group

Upon Further Review: The Greatest What Ifs in Sports History

In this engrossing read by Mike Pesca, some of the greatest sports minds in the biz reexamine some of history’s greatest plays and imagine “how the world would change if a play, trade, injury, or referee’s call had just gone the other way.”

Available from Amazon, $20.80

stick shift cufflinks
Image source: MRCUFF

6 Speed Gear Cuff Links

Got a NASCAR-loving Dad at home? These cufflinks are perfect for weddings, formal parties, or other fancy gatherings, so Dad can pay homage to his favorite sport and still keep it classy.

Available from Amazon, $21.94

For the Dad Who’s Good at Fixing Things (or at Least Trying To)

Rak magnetic tool wristband.
Image Source: Rak

Magnetic Wristband

This handy magnetic wristband will keep dad from losing all his screws, nuts, and bolts (and his cool) while he’s fixing things around the house. Not that he’s been known to do that or anything …

Available from Amazon, $12.99

funny coffee mug for dad
Image source: Daft & Co Premium Gifts

“Keep Calm, Dad Will Fix It” Coffee Mug

For the ultimate Mr. Fix It dad, this mug pretty much says it all. It’ll remind him of how awesome he is every time he fills it up with another cup o’ Joe.

Available from Amazon, $7.99

dad's garage open 24 hours sign
Image source: Imports

Dad’s Garage Sign

And of course, for the dad who’s always in his garage, under the hood of a car, or fixing something at his work bench, what better way to label his domain than with an official sign?

Available from Amazon, $10.88

For the Dad Who’s Slightly … Forgetful

tile mate
Image source: Tile

Tile Key Finder

Hey, we all lose our keys from time to time. And occasionally, our cell phones. But if your pops has a chronic habit of misplacing his most prized possessions, consider this electronic finder that’ll literally locate it for you via an app on your phone. (Like magic!)

Available from Amazon, $128.94

viotek charging pad
Image source: Viotek

Wireless Charging Pad

This charging pad makes forgetting to charge your cell phone a thing of the past. Dad just needs to leave it plugged into the wall near his desk, TV, or bed, and his phone can be laid on top of it and be charged without even plugging it in. Plus, its USB-integrated circuitry keeps temperatures low, reduces exposure to harmful radiation, and automatically stops the pad from transferring power to the phone once charging is finished.

Available from Amazon, $14.99

safety outlet
Image source: Simple touch

Auto Shut-Off Safety Outlet

We all have those fears of leaving the house and not remembering whether we left the flat iron, heating pad, or even — gasp! — the Crock-Pot plugged in. But this shut-off safety outlet will ensure even the most forgetful dad has got his bases covered before leaving the house.

Available from Amazon, $17.85

For the Dad Who Loves the Great Outdoors


amazonbasics hiking backpack
Image source: Amazon

Amazon Basics Internal Hiking Backpack

Now Dad can hit the trails in style without forgetting any of the essentials. It has extensive storage pockets, adjustable straps, and a water-resistant exterior so he can take it out in all sorts of weather.

Available from Amazon, $64.99

camping hammock
Image source: Rusee

Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Lounging in a hammock might be one of the funnest parts of camping. But lounging in a hammock and getting eaten up by mosquitos? Not so much. This one eliminates that worry with a built-in mosquito net to keep the critters away while Dad’s resting.

Available from Amazon, $29.99

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