Blogger’s Courageous Post About Surviving Motherhood Is Every Parent’s Battle Cry

During the darkest days of motherhood, I’ve done some regrettable things. I’ve spoken in anger to my daughter. I’ve melted down in public. I’ve felt so low at times that I’ve wanted to disappear completely.

Laura Mazza and child
Image source: Laura Mazza

My saving grace has been largely due to the visibility of other parents speaking up about their struggles. Because even at our most isolating moments, no mother is an island. We need our collective stories to realize we are all in this together, and no one knows this better than blogger Laura Mazza.

In a moving Facebook post on Monday, the mother of two poured her heart out by sharing confessions so many of us can relate to.

Whether it’s a declined credit card, emotionally eating junk food in her car, or waiting for antidepressants at the doctor’s office, Mazza doesn’t hold back. And at the end of each truth, she repeats a powerful statement to us — that with experience, she has survived.

“I’ve been the woman knocked down by people I’ve loved the most, hurt by them so deep. But I survived. I’ve been the mum who’s sobbed heavily, who’s yelled, who felt like quitting and closed herself in the bathroom with her hand on her chest feeling like the world is going to end. But I… survived,” she writes.

Laura Mazza and child
Image source: Laura Mazza

Despite her resilience, Mazza doesn’t consider herself a superhero. She’s just a mom like the rest of us who can’t allow herself to ever give up on parenthood, no matter how tough it gets or how broken down she feels.

“There were days I wanted to throw in the towel, days I had nothing left as a person to give. Days I judged myself against those perfect mothers…on Facebook or the model children on Instagram, wishing to be like them. To be perfect like them. But I picked myself up. I did it because my family is worth it, because I am worth it,” she continues.

Laura Mazza and child
Image source: Laura Mazza

And then she says something I will hold close to my heart forever.

Mazza encourages us to remember we aren’t bad mothers just because we experience bad parenting moments. And she implores each of us to keep going, no matter how much our self-doubt creeps in. “So on days you want to quit, don’t,” she writes. “On days where you feel like the worst mother in the world even though you are not even close, don’t… because I promise you, you WILL survive it.”

child swinging outside
Image source: Laura Mazza

Over 3.8K parents have thrown their support to Mazza’s Facebook post, with thousands of shares and hundreds of comments praising her vulnerability. One mama sums it all up with a heartfelt thank you to the blogger: “I don’t think you’ll ever understand how much this post means to so many,” she writes.

Mazza explains to Babble that her biggest hope is to uplift other parents with her words, so they will seek out support when they feel overwhelmed. Since she’s faced anxiety and depression prior to and during parenthood, the mom has learned how critical reaching out to others can be. “When you feel this way, you don’t have to face it alone,” she tells Babble. “Speaking up won’t kill you, [it] won’t mean you’re a bad mother or that someone will take your kids away. It means that you will finally get the help you deserve, and that help is not a dirty word.”

Laura Mazza
Image source: Laura Mazza

With her Facebook Page, Mum on the Run, Mazza feels grateful to help band together parents around the world who need weekly encouragement. “I think the community on my page is beautiful. We are all going through the same things and feel ashamed to talk about it, so I think it’s relieving when someone does,” she says.

At a time when social media often shows the highlight reels of parenthood, Laura Mazza’s authenticity is nothing short of inspiring. Her post is an honest reminder for parents everywhere to wholeheartedly love ourselves with courage and compassion. Most importantly, her words encourage us to never, ever give up.

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