This Mom Is Dressing Her Twins in Hilarious DIY Costumes Every Day Until Halloween

Let’s face it — for some of us, Halloween is literally like the Super Bowl. And when you’re a mom who also loves Halloween, it can be hard not to go doubly wild this time of year.

Lauren Mancke, a South Carolina designer, web developer, and mom of three, is definitely no exception. Back in 2015, she created a Halloween costume every single day during the month of October for her then 16-month-old son, Fox. She knew her time was limited before Fox would get bigger, and inevitably want to choose his own costumes. But as she tells Babble, “I just had too much Halloween craftiness bursting inside for just one costume. I basically had to get it all out while he was still little.”

During that year, she says she kept the costumes pretty simple, mostly using items she already had around the house. And this year, she’s back at it — with her 9-month-old twins, Lera and Marigold.

On October 1, Mancke launched #ManckeMonthofCostumes, an Instagram campaign she started on her personal account for the month of October — featuring daily photos of her twin baby daughters in the most adorable Halloween costumes you’ve ever seen, inspired by popular TV shows, movie characters, and more.

Like this adorable Saved by the Bell flashback to our favorite kids at Bayside High …

And this nod to Stranger Things, which is almost too cute to handle …

Although I have to say, they pull off a pretty spot-on Thelma and Louise …

And they’re breaking hearts as Arya, Sansa, and Jon from Game of Thrones!

I also literally couldn’t stop laughing when I saw their version of the Flintstones

… Or the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling!

Mancke tells Babble that she usually starts the costumes the night before and then takes the photos after their first nap while they’re well-rested. And while you can’t tell from the photos, Dad is always behind the scenes, putting on wigs and making them laugh!

Needless to say, this family definitely makes it all look easy — and according to Mancke, it kind of is (to a degree).

DIY costumes aren’t difficult,” she says. “Most of these that we’ve done are made with clothing that we already had or borrowed, a few craft supplies, and colored duct tape.”

Regardless, the simplicity has clearly paid off. Her daily photos have brought joy not only to her Instagram followers, but also to her own family.

“Everyone says that the first year with twins is survival mode, and with us, it has been doubly so,” says Mancke. “So for October, I just wanted to do something that makes us happy and makes others happy — and that’s the main reason we are doing the month of costumes again this year.”

Of course, I still had one burning question to ask her: What will the Mancke family be this year on Halloween night?

Apparently, they’re actually leaving that one up to their son, Fox.

“My son will decide what we wear for our group costume and he hasn’t made up his mind yet,” Mancke says. “Right now, he says he wants to be an onion.”

If they pull that one off, I honestly can’t wait to see it!

h/t: People

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