Lawyer Dad Serves Eviction Notice to Overdue Baby

Image Source: Jake Kempton
Image Source: Jake Kempton

Pregnant? Past your due date? Desperate to go into labor and spicy foods aren’t doing the trick? It might be time for legal action.

At least that’s what (maybe) worked for a couple in Washington State. The legal blog Above the Law reports that when Ellisha Kempton was eight days overdue, her husband, lawyer Jake Kempton, drafted a “Notice to Quit Premises” — an eviction notice — addressed to the couple’s womb-dwelling baby, Pepper Dee.

The notice stipulated that little Pepper had 12 hours to “surrender possession of the premises” or face “eviction proceedings.”

Sure enough, just three hours after the notice was “served,” (Don’t ask me how exactly you serve a notice to a baby in utero; I don’t want to know.) Ellisha Kempton was in labor. Ellisha gave birth to Pepper, the couple’s third child, at 3:42 p.m. on Aug. 31.

Image Source: Jake Kempton
Image Source: Jake Kempton

Jake Kempton, whose practice covers (no surprise) real estate law, joked with Above the Law that perhaps he should offer his services to other overdue moms.

“If I could figure out a way to ethically market a ‘baby eviction’ service, I would probably be able to put my kids through college and retire early,” he said.

As for family of five? Kempton tells Babble:

“We are doing great … It’s been fun (and a little sleepless) figuring out how to switch from man-to-man to zone.* I guess by the time we figure that one out they’ll be out of the house.”

*For the less sporty of us, this is reference to going from having one parent per child to having two parents play “zone defense” (like in basketball) with three kids. 

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