Grandma Lovingly Irons Her Granddaughter’s Pride Flag in Heartwarming Viral Photo

In case you haven’t heard, it’s Pride month, y’all! As such, our LGBTQIA* friends are celebrating their hard won acceptance in society in big ways and small — through parades, parties, and all sorts of other fun festivities.

On June 9, 21-year-old Lexie Nobrega was getting ready to celebrate, too. Before heading to a Pride parade in Virginia, she busted out her Pride flag while getting ready. But as she later shared in a now-viral tweet, Lexie wasn’t expecting to walk into the bedroom and find her 72-year-old grandmother, Hermina Nobrega ironing Pride flag.

Yup, that’s right — she was ironing it. (Because you can’t show off your pride looking all wrinkly, amiright?)

Lexie Nobrega's grandmother stands ironing her Pride flag.
Image Source: Lexie Nobrega

Lexie, who attends Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, tells Babble that she was visiting her family in Alexandria, Virginia before heading to the Capital Pride last Saturday.

“My grandma likes to help me pack by washing and ironing my clothes, and the morning of the parade was no different,” she explains. “She knocked on my bedroom door and asked if I needed anything to be pressed out. I initially said no, but she walked into my room anyway.”

That’s when Lexie’s incredibly sweet grandmother apparently saw the wrinkled up flag and knew that she had to help get that ‘ole thing looking Pride-ready.

“She insisted that it needed to be pressed out so she did just that,” Lexie shares. “In fact, she ironed my entire pride costume!”

Her reasoning? Lexie says her grandma simply wanted her granddaughter to look beautiful at Pride.

“I took a picture of the moment and posted it online so my friends could see, and the response that I have received has been overwhelming,” Lexie shares with Babble. “I never imagined that it would go viral!”

Unsurprisingly, Lexie and her grandparents have always been close. Still, though she came out to her friends at just 13 years old, she waited until high school to share the news with her grandparents, because she feared what their response would be.

“Even though they had always been loving and kind, I was afraid that they wouldn’t accept me for being bi, but I couldn’t have been more wrong,” Lexie tells Babble. “Nothing changed when I came out to them, they simply gave me a hug and said, ‘It’s okay, we love you.’ It wasn’t something that we talked about after that moment.”

How amazing if we could get to a place our culture when coming out is no longer a big deal, but instead a moment for family to share their love and support for one another other?

Lexie Nobrega smiles while posing with her grandmother.
Image Source: Lexie Nobrega

As for how the Internet’s responded to Lexie’s now famous Tweet, she says the support has been pretty incredible so far.

“Many people have been kind and brave enough to share their own coming out stories with me,” Lexie shares with Babble. “Some people said that they cannot come out to their families for various reasons, but reading my story and seeing how generous my grandmother is gave them hope. One user even said, ‘Grandmas are the rainbow and all the frequencies we can’t see, but should.'”

(Um, yeah — I’m totally getting goosebumps over that quote, because it’s spot on.)

Talk about an inspiring story of “pride” and love!

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