This Instagram Account Is Literally Just Babies with Bunnies and It’s Perfect

Prepare your hearts: really cute babies and bunnies ahead.

Pennsylvania photographer, Lindsey Bonnice, has gone viral with her sweet pictures of the most perfect combination ever: babies and bunnies.

The mom of three started the series when she adopted her now-3-year-old daughter, Libby, and is carrying on the tradition upon the recent adoption of her 10-week-old son, Finn. “Finn loves to watch the bunnies hop all around and they are always very curious of him!” Bonnice told The Huffington Post. “It’s so sweet how they are drawn to him.”

Optimizing on the cutest duo ever, Bonnice dresses up her son and captures the bond he has with the bunnies. Bonnice then posts daily pictures of Finn and his furry friends to her Instagram account, livesweetphotography, which has garnered 111K followers so far. And not surprisingly, from the pastel palates to that sweet baby smile, there’s something for everybunny (sorry, couldn’t resist).

As Bonnice told ABC News, “I love all the joy it brings everyone including myself and my kiddos. There’s nothing sweeter than the joy of children hanging with their favorite critters for me!”


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But as sweet as the family’s rabbits — Lucy, Opal, Leo, and Tulip — seem to be, Bonnice explains that photographing them can be a bit of a challenge. “The bunnies don’t always love to sit still because they are very curious and love to hop all over when they are out,” Bonnice told ABC News. “I often have to put them in place several times and snap fast before they are off playing again.”

But whether the furry pets cooperated or not, you would never know because these whimsical photographs are beautifully put together. See more of Finn and his pals below:

Look at my bunny babies!! #livesweetlop #bunnyandbabylove

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