Watch the First Soccer Game Played by Kids Who Aren’t Born Yet

When expecting, we can’t help but wonder who our little bundle of joy will become. If you feel your baby move around every time you play Hamilton, does that mean he’ll be a theatre buff? Or does his constant kicking signal that he’ll become a soccer player?

A professional soccer team in Venezuela wanted to put that to the test. They’ve released a marketing video called “Little Kicks,” which lets 10 soon-to-be moms play a virtual soccer match while their babies are still in the womb.

The participants, all in their 28th week, were split into two teams. They had motion sensors attached to their bellies to monitor kicks, which were then converted into soccer plays. The future moms (and their husbands) were able to see the unborn babies competing in the game — sparking laughter and cheers all around.

The video was part of a marketing campaign from Estudiantes De Caracas, encouraging moms to enroll their kids in the soccer academy.

And honestly, the video is so cute, this is a major G-O-A-L!

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