Mom Discovers a Simple (Yet Brilliant) Toothbrush “Hack” You’ll Be Amazed You Never Realized

Parenting hacks are a godsend. From tips for getting kids to go to sleep on time, or popping out that loose tooth, or heck, even convincing them to clean their room without WWIII erupting, parents just love to share their wisdom. And I love to soak it all up with a sponge.

So when a mom named Holly shared a sudden realization she had about kids’ toothbrushes — one that solves the age-old problem of getting kids to not overload their toothbrush with an enormous amount of toothpaste — I was pretty impressed.

But I’m not the only one. It didn’t take long for her post to go viral, and now, she has parents all over the globe giving her a much-deserved slow clap.

Holly, who asked to withhold her last name for privacy, is a mom and franchise owner of Little Learners, a UK-based company that holds play classes for little ones. On May 31, she posted a photo of her kids’ toothbrushes with a funny albeit quick description of her mind blowing realization.

“Tell me I am NOT the only one who didn’t know that the colored bristles on children’s toothbrushes are ‘toothpaste indicators’ that tell you where to put it and how much toothpaste to use!?” she wrote.

To which all of Facebook basically replied, “Um … WHAT?!”

If you’re anything like me (or the 4,757 moms who shared the post) then you just stopped reading this and ran to your bathroom to see if your kids’ toothbrush also has these colored bristles.


“I was opening a new Wisdom stages toothbrush for my little girl and spotted a picture of it on the back,” Holly tells Babble. “My little girl hates having her teeth brushed so I was just thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be handy to have tips for brushing your kids teeth on the back’ when I spotted the diagram and the toothbrush indicators.”

And that’s when she had her lightbulb moment.

“I felt daft initially not knowing about it and then thought I’d share my new fact on my Little Learners Facebook page as I thought it would amuse some of the other parents,” she says.

There are a lot of parents out there right now who are so glad she did. It may be a small tip, but it’s a helpful one — especially when you’re trying to teach kids the importance of teeth brushing and overall hygiene.

My own kids also hate brushing their teeth, and I’m not going to lie, this is possibly the worst part of the day at our house. I’d rather do 8,000 loads of laundry than get my kids to floss, for crying out loud.

But this simple little toothbrush trick has certainly made a difference in Holly’s home, and I’m currently praying it will at mine, too.

“It’s definitely changed the amount of toothpaste I put on and actually that has made it easier to brush my little girl’s teeth,” she says. “Perhaps she just hated the taste because I was putting a bit too much on!?”

Good point! (I wonder if that is the problem with my kids, too?)

This isn’t the only good parenting hack that’s blown my mind before, though. A few years back, Elizabeth Burchiel wowed the Internet with her famous diaper bag hack, which involved a simple hair type and diaper wipes case. And then the wonderful rubber band hack that went viral, which aims to help parents turn a rotten day into a great one. Of course, one of my all-time favorites was shared by Kristen Bell last year, when she showed us all how she keeps her kids close to her while they’re out in public.

One thing’s for sure: Parents will always manage to find clever and brilliant ways of getting out of tricky situations with their kids — and sometimes, they can make all the difference between having a great day and … well, a not-so-great one.

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