Family Recreates Teen Mom’s Graduation Photo 17 Years Later, and It’s Pretty Much the Best

Eighteen-year-old Madeleine Tarin of Chino Hills, California comes from an amazing family. And the high school graduation photos she posted on Twitter last week prove it in the biggest way — to the tune of 329K likes and 77K retweets.

First, just take a look at the adorable family photo they took at her mother’s graduation back in 2000, when Madeleine was a toddler:

graduation photo
Image Source: Madeleine Tarin

And then 17 years later, with Madeleine again perched on her dad’s shoulders at her own graduation ceremony!

graduation photo
Image Source: Madeleine Tarin

A proud Madeleine gave a shout-out to her parents in her June 1 tweet, saying, “Yeah, that’s right, we made it TOGETHER.”

“It was supposed to represent how far we’ve come as a family, hence the title,” Madeleine tells Babble.

Not only did they make it, but this family truly defied the odds. Madeleine’s parents had her when her mom was just 16, making it statistically less likely that she would graduate high school. (Even in recent years, only 51 percent of teen moms make it to graduation compared to 89 percent of female students without kids.)

But that didn’t stop Madeleine’s mom and dad, who managed to stay focused. Madeleine later told Buzzfeed that her grandparents were also instrumental in making sure her parents were able to stay in school. Since then, her parents have bought a home and had two more daughters.

Aside from overcoming challenges at such a young age, Madeleine tells Babble she admires her parents’ marriage.

“They have a strong, loving marriage and they are best friends,” she shares. “Because of that, we all have a great relationship. They are loving and supportive, which I believe has made me to be a very accepting and supportive to others. They’ve taught me no matter what your situation is, it should never be used as an excuse to not be able to strive for success.”

For obvious reasons, people are absolutely loving the photo, wishing the family well, and complimenting Madeleine’s hardworking parents on looking so young!

As the teen told Buzzfeed, she’ll be attending Rider University in the fall, and is pretty excited about it. Best of luck, Madeleine!

h/t: Buzzfeed

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